What Are The Different Types of Transcription Services?

There are multiple types of transcription services. Before converting your audio or video file into text format, you will have to choose the best service that works for you. There are three main types of transcription – edited, intelligent and verbatim transcription. They can all be used to transcribe audio and video files. The difference […]

What Will Change When 5G Becomes The Standard?

5G – A Revolution We live in a time and world that is increasingly dominated by technology. Day-to-day life without access to any aspect of the electronic devices and the worldwide link is in principle neither imaginable nor feasible. And development is progressing rapidly. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been important topics in the […]

The Best Compact Smartphones In 2021

Just like the dinosaurs once did, smartphones have gotten bigger and bigger. That is nice for the film show on the go. But some people long for a handy device that is technically not inferior to the giants. Well, you can find these compact smartphones on our leaderboard. The Smartphone Market Is Growing. How quickly […]

How to Use Your Excel Data to Create an Interactive Map

There are a number of ways that you can use data from an Excel spreadsheet to create an interactive map. In this article, we’ll explore several of the most popular options. Options for Using Excel Data to Create an Interactive Map  Google My Maps As perhaps the best-known mapping tool, Google lets you create an […]

7 Keys To Implementing An Innovation Model In Companies

In a scenario of accelerated digitization such as the current one, companies have to establish, through models that encourage and sustain innovation, strategies that allow them to redefine and reimagine their relationship with customers based on new purchasing habits, and this requires evolving towards service models thought in terms of solutions and not products, that […]

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