The Importance of Videoconferencing Tech

What if you could find a videoconferencing device that could do everything you need it to do? If you have tried other videoconferencing devices, you might have noticed the slight inadequacies that prevent you from having a great user experience. You may spend hours searching for the perfect videoconferencing devices that delivers on-demand. If you are ready to experience […]

Serverless Security – New Challenges In Securing Applications

The digital transformation brings innovations – sometimes that more and more applications are operated in the cloud. Of course, this has advantages: the maintenance effort, for example, is significantly reduced, which means that costs can also be reduced. But it is also essential to deal with IT security – and we will do that for […]

IT Refurbishing – Used Is Not Always Used!

It is almost impossible to carry out modern business processes without using new information and communication devices. However, the trend towards more devices and a shorter useful life hurts the environment. With this in mind, more and more sustainability-oriented companies are opting for “IT refurbishing” and “refurbished IT”. In the following sections, you can read […]

What’s the Difference Between a Security Operations Center and SIEM?

A security operations center is an essential part of any safely operated network. Many different things are going on inside busy security operations centers. For example, the SOC engineers have significant functions across all the centers, regardless of size. Continual Monitoring, Analysis, and Response Practices Engineers monitor network threats 24 hours a day, seven days […]

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