Cyber ​​Distancing – Working Safely From The Home Network

The substantial increase in home offices has blurred the boundaries between work and private life for many employees. If companies do not use virtual desktop technology that separates the employees’ homes from the work environment, data can be at risk. At some companies, the employees’ home networks are equipped with levels of security such as […]

The Top Myths Of IoT Security

Conventional approaches to cybersecurity focus on one fundamental concept: protecting every device insight to keep hackers, attackers, and thieves away. However, this concept is outdated in a highly networked world in which many sensors, devices, and systems supply each other with data. The Internet of Things is growing, and IDC predicts 41.6 billion connected IoT […]

Big Data, Cybersecurity and Cloud Systems, The Disciplines Where There Is Employment

The digital sector is more than consecrated. From that stability, many new jobs have arisen (and do not stop doing so) to cover needs as necessary as good data management, programming, the cloud, or cybersecurity, among others. These are specialties that are only a few years old, but there is an increasing demand for professional […]

IT Security – The Shotgun Is Used For Shooting

It is easier than ever for criminals to break into IT systems, paralyze websites, or essential access data in today’s networked world. What attacks are companies exposed to, and how can they protect themselves from them? “Ask your doctor or pharmacist about risks and side effects,” or your IT security expert, if you have one. […]

Essential Protection For Online Shops – The Firewall

We are starting today with the topic of firewalls, explaining what a firewall is and what you should consider when using it. What Is a Firewall? A firewall can be described as a barrier protecting entire networks and separating network areas from harmful data traffic and hacker attacks. The network firewall is installed at the […]

Antivirus, Firewall, and VPN – What Do I Need?

Digitization is advancing every day. While some of you still know what a fax machine is for, others don’t know it because today everything runs on the computer or laptop. The computer or laptop is used for communication, research, and entertainment. A complex system embodies a powerful machine that makes our lives easier. However, everything […]

IT Security Is Becoming Even More Critical

More digitization means more cybercrime. Logically, more cyber attacks on companies are reported every year – especially since the central expert office for the crime. And the Internet knows no national borders, so the attacks come everywhere. There is a tendency to ignore warnings if they repeat themselves often. However, that would be a big […]

Email Fraud Is The Most Significant Business Loss

In June of this year, cyber risks were increasing. According to this, cyber-attacks are already one of the most significant business risks for many companies. Email attacks and phishing, in particular, are dangers that are being warned louder and louder – sometimes by the FBI in a report on cybercrime, which is increasing worldwide. In […]

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