Five Practical Tips For Effective Sales Prospecting

Commercial prospecting is essential for all companies, whether they work in B to B or B to C. If a definition had to be given, this phase aims to contact prospect targets to transform them into new customers to develop the turnover. For a long time, sales teams favored analog prospecting through door-to-door phone calls […]

How To Improve Your Customer Communication – Simple Tricks

Whether digital, postal or personal: Clever use is almost more important than choosing the right communication channel. The most important thing: it has to be customer-centric. After all, nobody wants to have the feeling of being the target of marketing or a number in the system – let alone having to familiarize themselves with the […]

Five Tips To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Sales Teams

Identifying the motivating factors of your team is essential for the company’s productivity. Take off your turnover and increase your performance. Discover our five tips to gather around your employees ready to surpass themselves for more significant commercial objectives! Data Analysis The data analysis is divided into three parts. The first concerns all the data […]

Six Ways To Get Your Customers To Sign a Sales Contract

Increasing its turnover and sustaining its activities are complex tasks if customers refuse to sign its contracts. The solution? Adopt the right strategy to convince them. Determine Customer Requirements A successful sale starts with setting customer expectations. For this, it is best to avoid telephone exchanges. The conversation risks being cut short by various constraints […]

Seven Out-Of-The-Box Pricing Strategies Used By The Pros. Marketing

Adapt Your Prices According To The Competition Align or Determine An Optimal Gap To set the right price, we can refer to the costs of competitors’ products. A company may seek to align, or, on the contrary, determined an optimal price difference concerning its competitors. When should you seek to align your prices? When the […]

Social Selling or How To Use Social Networks To Sell More

Have you tried applying social selling to capture leads and increase your sales? If your answer is no, you probably don’t know the possibilities offered by social networks to increase brand awareness and presence. Perhaps you also have no idea of ​​the enormous potential to promote and sell products and services. In reality, social media […]

7 Tips For Retailers How To Increase Your Profits

While wholesale chains often face the problem of collecting available data from different areas, retailers usually do not know what indicators can be monitored in retail outlets. At the same time, this information is the key to increasing the profitability of operations. Data from electronic cash registers (cash register systems), product databases, customer counters or […]

Improve Your Business Results – A Simple Sales Analysis That Every Company Can Handle

The approaching end of the year is often an excellent opportunity to set new higher goals. How to convince more customers, process more orders, and improve your business results next year? A simple sales analysis can be a great inspiration for you. Just three steps, and you have it. You don’t have to be a […]

How To Revive Sales? Get Rid of Your Products With Unnecessary Baubles

Down-selling could be a good solution to increase sales in these economic conditions. Why? Because customers would like to spend again, they do so very carefully and with a firm decision not to reach too deep into the wallet. Many entrepreneurs managed up-selling, i.e., increasing sales. They take a regular product and mark it as […]

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