The Top 100 Companies, Such As Visa, PayPal & Co., Rely On New Technologies Such As Blockchain & NFTs.

The change in digitization is omnipresent. What was once science fiction has now become a reality in many ways. Today’s blog post deals with crypto services, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs and their opportunities for countries, companies, and users. We also give an insight into the current top 100 companies worldwide and their plans. Businesses In […]

Online Meetings – Tips To Make Them Productive

Online tools have been standardized for some time in companies. Working remotely and having online meetings is part of most organizations’ professional routines, especially those closest to the digital sector. However, managing and coordinating teams remotely can be challenging. And companies face the challenge of implementing mechanisms and systems to maintain fluid and efficient communication […]

Five Keys To Keep In Mind To Incorporate AI In Your Company

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the world since its arrival. Much progress has been made in this area from a research point of view, but only some companies have incorporated AI throughout their value chain. we makes a recommendation of the five key points to incorporate AI into the value chain of a company effectively: Incorporate […]

Cybersecurity Tips For Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday And Christmas

Always on the prowl, cybercriminals are gearing up to take advantage of this surge in digital activity. They know very well how to create attractive lures that are dangerous for the less experienced and can deceive the most seasoned buyers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the starting signal for Christmas shopping. This year, inflation […]

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