Top 7 Investment Options In India With High Returns

Keeping your funds locked up in your savings account offering a paltry interest income is never the wisest decision you could ever take. The primary reason is that such a low-interest rate cannot cover inflation and lead to purchasing power loss. Instead, investing in stocks and other investment options that bear high returns can positively […]

Monetization Approaches For The IoT

There are many concepts and ideas for promoting digital offerings. The companies that use the IoT for their solutions are correspondingly numerous. But long-term success also requires concrete monetization approaches. More and more companies are using IoT to network their products to establish new digital offers and services on the market or to increase the […]

Blockchain Success – Blockchain Technology On The Rise

In the past year, the hype surrounding blockchain technology has increased significantly. The constantly increasing awareness of the blockchain process is due to the high demand in the field of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. In today’s article we will explain what blockchain technology is all about, give an overview of how it […]

Affiliate Marketing – But Why?

Affiliate marketing as a sales strategy, but why? Affiliate marketing is more than the cooperation between a seller and a website operator on the Internet. In this cooperation, the seller can use links to place his product as an advertising opportunity on the website operator’s website and thus generate clicks and sales figures. What Is […]

Employee Experience – Three Techniques To Use Today

Today the importance of customer experience for organizations is well known. There are various frameworks, techniques and methods to detect opportunities and increase customers’ value from the services and products we generate. But, just as the customer experience is a clear objective of organizations, we must not lose sight of the knowledge of the employees […]

Automate Business Processes, Yes. HOW TO DO IT?

Organizations continue to progress in adopting new technologies and ways of working that help improve their profitability and competitiveness. Automating business processes is at the core of this strategy. It brings great benefits: reduction of fixed costs, increase in operational efficiency, elimination of routine administrative tasks, minimization of errors, greater speed, etc. Most Used Technologies […]

Tips For Outstanding Customer Service

Customer service that’s not just okay, but exceeds expectations makes a difference. Such a service determines whether a customer stays, buys from you again, recommends you to others, or leaves a positive rating. Excellent customer service even leads to emotional brand loyalty. In such a case, the shopper will look for your product everywhere because […]

What Is Data Quality? How To Manage It?

What Is Data Quality? Data quality considers criteria like correctness, consistency, integrity, and usability when determining the state of your data. A perfect score in each of these areas indicates high-quality data, which is the optimum type to employ for processing and analysis. One of your company’s most valuable resources is data. Poor data quality […]

How To Improve Your Customer Communication – Simple Tricks

Whether digital, postal or personal: Clever use is almost more important than choosing the right communication channel. The most important thing: it has to be customer-centric. After all, nobody wants to have the feeling of being the target of marketing or a number in the system – let alone having to familiarize themselves with the […]

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