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Not Only iPhone Is Affected – These Apple Devices Should Get USB-C.

While it feels like the entire technology world relies on USB Type-C, there is a stubborn resistance: Apple. The globally successful company does not want to do without its Lightning connector, which should now come to an end. In addition to the iPhone, this should also affect other devices from the manufacturer. The speculation about […]

Reduce the Cost of Cell Phone Service for the Entire Family

Customers can access a quarterly report from the ComReg on the customer service record of the country’s major telecommunications providers. Reports compile customer complaints and issues and investigate whether or not any complaints are warranted and also how many complaints have been addressed. Simply skimming the most recent report can help generate a positive idea […]

Are Blockchain Smartphones The Next Big Thing?

A new breed of smartphones built on blockchain technology is starting to hit the market. They are designed to work seamlessly with various cryptocurrencies and tokens. In December 2018, a prototype of crypto-centric smartphones was first introduced. The Exodus 1 by HTC is a feature phone that’s built to work seamlessly with blockchain. Its hardware […]

What Is The Purpose of Electronically Signing An Email?

Phishing emails are becoming more and more sophisticated: As a non-professional, the emails that allegedly arrive in the inbox from PayPal, Sparkasse & Co. can often hardly be distinguished from real messages. At the same time, every day, confidential documents and information sent via email end up in the outbox of every company – what […]

Differences Between Fiber And Cable For Connectivity

Even though there are notable differences between fiber and cable, the evolution of both network technologies has taken significant steps forward in a short time; Little more than fifteen years have separated us from analog modems (and their characteristic noises) to the implementation of the various xDSL options (ADSL and VDSL). Their speed is considerable: […]

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