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VPN – The Term The formation of the term “virtual private network” can only be understood against the background of two significant developments in the last decade: Development of the ubiquitous, publicly usable Internet with connected networks from all areas of research, trade, industry, craft, teaching, administration, authorities, private use, etc. including a large number […]

Client-Based VPNs vs. Network-Based VPNs – These Are The Differences.

VPN technology is a simple idea: trusted people are securely connected to a resource they need over a network they don’t trust. The trick is knowing what type of VPN to use and when. The different types and their application areas are examined in more detail in this article. Accessing all of the digital resources […]

VPN, Remote Desktop & Co. – That’s How We Work Today

Even if industry and employers associations are fighting doggedly to restore the “old order” of office work in mid-2021: The way and, not least, where end-users work has changed significantly. Remote desktop applications and VPN solutions like thebestvpn and home offices and mobile working have become the new “normal.” But not all that glitters is […]

VPN: What Is It & What Uses Does It Have?

In recent years, teleworking cases have multiplied, many of them improvised due to the confinement we must undergo while the coronavirus health crisis lasts. For this reason, many companies have had to deploy a certain infrastructure to ensure that their employees can work normally. The VPN is one of the simplest, most useful and most […]

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