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Advantages And Benefits Of Youtube For Companies & Business

Its absence in the communication strategy is nothing more than a voluntary decision of the brand. The target may not fit the image it is intended to give, but the power of video to generate engagement is undeniable. It is widely studied in social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, and it is redundant on […]

How to know and take advantage of what users say about your business and your competition on social networks

Any small or large business must or should already have some type of presence on the Internet, either managed internally within the company or by external professionals. One of the most recurrent resources to manage, especially with a local focus, are social networks that have generated profound changes in the commercialization of goods and services […]

How To Have A Good Presence On Social Networks?

Today, it is becoming nearly impossible for a business of any size to attract more customers and make more sales without a good social media presence. In fact, there are currently no less than 2.23 billion users on Facebook, 1 billion on Instagram, and 335 million on Twitter. Thousands of additional people could become your […]

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