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Five Keys To Keep In Mind To Incorporate AI In Your Company

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the world since its arrival. Much progress has been made in this area from a research point of view, but only some companies have incorporated AI throughout their value chain. we makes a recommendation of the five key points to incorporate AI into the value chain of a company effectively: Incorporate […]

How Artificial Intelligence Helps Measure Creative Effectiveness in Marketing

An ad’s “creative impact” used to be too subjective to measure. Creative effectiveness and its impact on ads used to be too subjective to measure. But modern Artificial Intelligence solutions -AI- now allow us to analyze the creativity of brands effectively. [Insert local spokesperson] from Meta explores how AI tools can help marketers develop more […]

BI And AI – Twice As Much Intelligence For ERP

Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are already present in companies. They make it possible to provide twice as much Intelligence. We already mentioned last year the arrival of Artificial Intelligence within the ERP. This technology coexists today with Business Intelligence. However, these two systems cover a concept and, above all, very different objectives. […]

[Explained] What Is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning or automatic learning is a scientific field and, more precisely, a subcategory of artificial intelligence. It uses algorithms to train complex tasks using large data sets. It is machine learning with a multitude of applications. Machine Learning: A Definition Machine Learning is one of the great technologies of artificial intelligence. It is a […]

What Is Fintech, And Why Are They The Future Of The Financial Sector?

The financial sector is an engine of our economy, crucial to underpin the recovery we are beginning to build. It is also vital in terms of employment since last April it signed 6,459 contracts. But the main challenge facing the sector is the digital transformation that is pending, and that is going to revolutionize the […]

A Beginners Guide: How to Start Using AI Tech in Your Business

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been rapidly gaining popularity among businesses. You can use AI to improve your business in many ways, including improving customer experience, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs. This article will cover what a beginner should know on how to start using AI in your business. It will also discuss the benefits […]

Interaction Between Cobots And Humans: Positive And Negative Sides

Nowadays, collaborative robots or “cobots” are used more often in the industrial environment and are used to carry out assembly, packaging and material handling activities. Cobots can work alongside humans, doing the same activities and helping them complete their tasks. This article will look at the positives and negatives of the interaction between cobots and […]

Metaverse – Dystopian Future or Virtual Paradise?

The tech industry has always lived on the narrative of the next giant leap in development. Again and again, it is about the breakthrough into a new era of undreamt-of possibilities – and thus also about new dimensions of economic desire creation and fulfillment. Artificial intelligence (AI) took over this function most recently, and now […]

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