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What is the Finance Industry?

As an overarching synonym for the money and financial sector, the term financial industry includes all financial service providers, i.e. not just banks, savings banks, insurance companies, etc., but also intermediaries, control institutions, rating agencies, etc. that mediate and support business and financial institutions and processes are completely undifferentiated and subsumed under one term without distinction

Why Finance Sector Is Important

The democratization of technology has produced, among other things, many innovative business models in the financial sector that compete with the products. Write For Us Finance

Whether the digital revolution will push the old elites from their throne ultimately depends on these institutions, or institutes themselves. Standstill will most certainly lead to a decline.

Upgrade of Finance Industry

Many financial institutions in this country are only gradually approaching the subject of the cloud, while most other industries, but also international competition, are already benefiting from the advantages. The German financial regulator BaFin is also fundamentally positive about the outsourcing of data to the cloud.

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