Offline Marketing – Integrate It Into Your Online Strategy

Social media campaigns, content strategies, email automation … it might seem that there is no room for offline marketing nowadays. However, it is the perfect complement to all the company’s activities on the Internet. Despite the time that we all spend daily on the Internet, the reality is that not all of our day to […]

What Is Employer Branding Labour? Five benefits

If you wonder what employer branding is, you have come to the right place. It is an increasingly common term in the field of Human Resources. Companies are increasingly concerned with their image to their customers and their workers and the talent they could potentially recruit. Through employer branding, companies work on their own perceived […]

Why Do I Need An Influencer Agency?

Influencer marketing has been a reality for years. However, the term “influencer” is not always well understood. When we talk about people with millions of followers on social media, we often refer to them who upload photos in hotels with infinity pools and seem to spend their lives at parties and places with VIP access. […]

Operational Marketing – Responsibilities and Challenges

The strategy guides our steps in making business decisions. Although it is not enough, it needs to complement the tactical approach. This is what operational marketing deals with, which is based on strategic marketing and data and comments collected in the field to implement concrete actions that help meet the company’s objectives in this area. […]

What Type Of Mobile Application To Develop And Why?

Here to the three kinds of mobile applications and their characteristics. Indeed, it is essential to understand the difference between the three types of applications to choose the one that will be the most suitable for a company that wishes to develop one. Hybrid Applications Hybrid applications are applications encoded from a single code base. […]

Outsource Purchases In Company – 7 Reasons To Do It

Outsourcing purchases is an advantageous way to reduce costs in a company. Especially for SMEs, where every euro counts, opting for this solution will allow you to spend less on essential supplies and services for your company’s day-to-day life. In the end, it is about achieving strategic advantages that allow us to compete more effectively […]


Can you remember the world before Instagram, Facebook and other social networks? After a long effort, you may not be able to, or it is very fuzzy memories that come back to your memory. Those fuzzy years are behind us; Today, it is possible to see how social media is at the center of most […]

E-commerce – 7 Trends To Watch Closely In 2022

Conversational commerce, the growing weight of social networks, the hybridization of retail… Focus on seven trends that will impact e-commerce in the months to come. Two thousand twenty-one is finally coming to an end, and the time is ideal for analyzing what is looming for the year to come! This year, many companies have disrupted […]

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