10 Tips To Improve Your SEO Content Writing Skills

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Are you a content writer? Don’t know how to write SEO wise content? Well, it’s a secret when you write content SEO wise, there is a chance that your content is ranked on Google top 10 results. Without an SEO strategy, your content might be lost someplace on page 50+ of the indexed results and we all know only the top 10 results have value. This is the only reason that the relationship between SEO and good content is essential. Join Amritsar Digital Academy for Digital Marketing Course In Amritsar and be a pro digital marketer. Here I am sharing the top 10 tips that how can you write SEO content and ranked on Google’s first page. Let’s read this in detail: –

Always Write For Your Audience

Always write for your audience. So, write content according to your audience’s interests and provide useful information. Not all blogs or articles need to be about your product or service. Sometimes random articles are necessary. So, it is necessary to write SEO friendly content which is interesting yet informative. One thing to keep in mind before writing an article, analyze all the competitor’s blogs and see which information they are providing to their target audience, and then create a strategy for your company.

Make Headline That Pack A Punch

Do you know headlines are the main part of any content? So, it is necessary to write an eye-catching headline that attracts everyone’s attention. Many people did the mistake to write big headlines and forget to follow the rule of SEO. Always prefer to write short headlines that give a good impression to your target audience. And we all know that don’t underestimate the power of an eye-catching headline. Write headlines that are short, interesting, clear, and don’t forget to use rich keywords. One most important thing to keep in mind that write a Meta description that describes your topic very well.

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Use Keyword-Rich Phrases

Keyword research is important so always use the appropriate keyword-rich phrases in your headlines. Not only headlines use the keywords in your entire content. It will be good for both readers and search engines because they will know about your post. By using too much keyword it will affect your SEO because search engines will understand that you are doing keyword stuffing. Also, it will turn off your readers. Use keywords that make your blog post-natural.

Structure Your Posts

Did you know every blog post structure is important? When you published something online, your format matters a lot. Divide your content into small paragraphs with good eye-catching headlines. With this strategy, it will keep your readers engaged and search engines also like this strategy. So use the H1 headline for the first title and then use the H2 or H3 headline.

Images Are Important

Add some images to your blog post because in this modern era people like visual things. Always post your blog on various social media platforms with good images. In this way, you will get more traffic or engagements.

Keep It All Under The Same Roof

When you published original content under your own domain name, this will helps to get traffic directly into your site. Make sure that you are writing blogs or articles related to your domain name because a domain name talks about the entire website niche.

Drive Content With Social Media

As we all know social media is a great powerful tool to increase the reach of your content and promote your sharing through various social media platforms. So post your new content on various social media sites and also in forums with a good description. Make sure that you share buttons on each of your article posts.

Promote Natural Link Building

Do you know Link building is an important factor for SEO? So link your article or blog posts to various sites. This strategy will help to grow your traffic. If you add infographics or videos in your blog, make sure that you embed code on your site that helps to promote content sharing. Creating awesome content increases the chance of ranking on Google’s first page.

Monitor Your Activity

Track your page views and social media activity with Google analytics. Check your top pages and keywords that what your target audience is looking for? Also check the shares, likes, and social interactions. Analyze your all social media activity to improve your content or website SEO.

Implement Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a speedy and simple approach to attach content to a specific creator, all you require is a Google+ account. Subsequently, your articles come up as rich snippets in the indexed lists highlighting the writer’s photograph alongside the article title. Google Authorship is incredible for individual advancement yet can likewise expand the active clicking factor to your articles. In case you’re a creator, figure out how to set up Authorship for your site.

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