Eight Reasons Why An ERP System Is An Essential Tool For Companies In 2023

ERP, or the full name Enterprise resource planning, is an information system that helps companies plan corporate resources and company management. Precisely because of its advantages in managing a company, the ERP software market for global enterprise resource planning (ERP) is expected to grow to roughly 97 billion US dollars by 2024. This assumption is […]

Online Meetings – Tips To Make Them Productive

Online tools have been standardized for some time in companies. Working remotely and having online meetings is part of most organizations’ professional routines, especially those closest to the digital sector. However, managing and coordinating teams remotely can be challenging. And companies face the challenge of implementing mechanisms and systems to maintain fluid and efficient communication […]

Agile Leadership – What Does It Take To Lead An Agile Organization?

Agile Leadership is a management system that promotes team autonomy, collective responsibility and flexible project management forms. This type of company culture greatly benefits both in terms of productivity and employee well-being and engagement. In this post, we explore the characteristics of organizations that apply agile Leadership, its advantages and what is needed to lead […]

8 Bаsiс Prinсiрles Of Unit Testing, Illustrаted With Jest

Jest is a famous JаvаSсriрt testing frаmewоrk used by the develорers tо test their web аррliсаtiоns аnd websites. With the help of jest testing, tests are written that tests that are reachable, well known, and has feature-rich API that gives result quickly. Features of Jest It requires zero-config to work on Javascript projects The jest […]

Online Communication – The Importance Of The Online Presence Of Your Brand Or Company

If we talk about being present on the Internet, we do not discover anything new. However, it is true that in these times, with the current situation, it is much more critical than ever. When many companies cannot function regularly, they have only one option: to operate online. Leaving confinement aside, online communication has become […]

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