Reasons Why You Will Love A Cloud Telephone System

Cloud Phone System

What company doesn’t dream of growth and simplified processes? However, networking new locations and integrating home offices and freelancers is challenging with a conventional telephone system. For this reason, forward-thinking companies increasingly rely on modern cloud telephone systems because they enable enormous flexibility. In the following, we would like to show you why you, too, will love a cloud telephone system:

Cost Savings

Hardware investments are eliminated.

Cloud telephone systems are particularly interesting for founders, small and medium-sized companies, and corporations due to the high-cost savings. No additional hardware is required for cloud telephony. Even the purchase of an IP telephone is unnecessary because an app or a desktop application can also be used to make calls via smartphone or PC.

No maintenance costs

Another plus is the elimination of maintenance costs. Since your VoIP provider hosts the telephone system in the cloud, this is also required to maintain the telephone system and for any updates and ensures that you can use the telephone system at any time without any problems. Therefore, personnel for solving technical problems is no longer necessary and allow you to save resources. You don’t need to worry about security at this point, either. 

Cheap connection fees

The low connection charges should be mentioned at this point. VoIP telephone connections are often significantly cheaper than conventional landline connections via the telephone line – especially for international calls. If you have branches abroad that are also connected to the cloud telephone system, you can even make internal calls free of charge. You can also easily view all itemized bills online in the web portal of the respective provider and thus always have an overview of all costs.

Flexibility Through Self-Government

No special IT knowledge is required to set up a virtual telephone system. You can set up the PBX yourself in a very short time via a web interface. Some SIP providers also offer a virtual setup assistant to make the configuration even easier. You have the greatest possible flexibility thanks to the possibility of setting up the system and expanding it according to your wishes. You can book new telephone numbers, additional options or even an upgrade anytime.

Location And Device Independence

A cloud telephone system offers you the greatest possible location independence. This way, networking in different locations – even abroad – is possible without any problems. Employees in the home office, field staff or freelancers can also be easily integrated into the virtual telephone system. And thanks to hot desking, it is even possible to distribute workstations in the office flexibly. In short: Whether in the office, at home or on the go, you can be reached anywhere on your landline number.
In addition, the IP telephone system can be used with various end devices ( smartphone, PC, tablet or telephone ). The only requirement is a stable internet connection. With a virtual telephone system, you are no longer tied to certain telephone manufacturers since these can generally be used with all IP telephones.

Huge Range of Functions

VoIP telephone systems far exceed the range of conventional analogue and ISDN telephone systems and often offer over 150 functions, including features such as conference calls, time-based routing, IVR, BLF and much more.
The portfolio of some SIP providers also includes unified communications features such as video conferences, screen sharing and chat, with which team communication can be made much more efficient.
Integrations, for example, in CRM or ERP systems, are also very popular. Recently, some providers have also enabled Microsoft Teams telephony. Integrating the cloud telephone system into MS Teams allows calls and conference calls to be started directly from the Microsoft Teams client. But tried and tested functions such as swapping, holding or call forwarding can continue to be used.

Highest Possible Scalability

In contrast to conventional telephone systems, virtual telephony solutions can be flexibly expanded at any time and grow with your company. You can easily add new phone numbers – even several hundred. With most cloud telephony providers, you can also easily deactivate active phone numbers, which is particularly helpful for reacting to your company’s situation at any time. In this way, you only pay for needed extensions and always have an overview of your costs.

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