Machine Learning And Deep Learning Increasingly Necessary For Companies

Machine learning and deep learning are two concepts related to artificial intelligence. Thanks to the development of the digital age, both branches are acquiring enormous importance. But what do they consist of? Before explaining these two technologies, it is necessary to remember the definition of their origin: Artificial Intelligence. This resides in the capacity of […]

Whatsapp Business – How To Take Advantage Of It For Our Business

Whatsapp Business is a tool capable of enhancing your services, and thanks to this, you can offer personalized treatment to customers and companies. Also, by using the business management functions that this tool has, you can achieve effective communication to transmit the information you want. In this way, you will be able to reach a […]

Serverless Security – New Challenges In Securing Applications

The digital transformation brings innovations – sometimes that more and more applications are operated in the cloud. Of course, this has advantages: the maintenance effort, for example, is significantly reduced, which means that costs can also be reduced. But it is also essential to deal with IT security – and we will do that for […]

More Than Just Spreadsheets – What Can Microsoft Excel Be Used For?

Everyone who uses a computer is probably familiar with the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program from time to time. But although Excel is exceptionally well known, most people only see a fraction of the functions of the comprehensive tool. Because Excel could do a lot more than “something with tables”. We shed light on what lies […]

IT Refurbishing – Used Is Not Always Used!

It is almost impossible to carry out modern business processes without using new information and communication devices. However, the trend towards more devices and a shorter useful life hurts the environment. With this in mind, more and more sustainability-oriented companies are opting for “IT refurbishing” and “refurbished IT”. In the following sections, you can read […]

What Will The Arrival of 6G Networks Bring in 2030?

The world of telephony has changed dramatically in just a few decades. We have gone from being tied to a landline phone to calling from anywhere. Wireless technology also came with the Internet connection, video calls and social networks. Currently, many sites are still waiting for the full implementation of 5G networks. However, the unstoppable […]

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