Common Mistakes Made By Crypto Traders


These days, many investors, businesses, and developers are taking an interest in cryptocurrency by wanting a slice of this potentially rewarding pie one way or the other. According to research for regulators in the United Kingdom, the Financial Conduct Authority has indicated that roughly 2.3 million Britains alone own cryptocurrency in one form or the other. And these statistics exclude investors from other parts of the world. 

A point spread can do a lot in helping a player want to make a more informed decision for their next point spread bet, but it’s quite surprising to find that with all the crypto resources and information available online, there are still many crypto investors that make these distinct common errors that leave them facing a potential loss yet again. If you’re interested in knowing what these common crypto mistakes are, then you can keep reading for more. 

Buying Cryptocurrency Simply Because The Price Is Low

Behind any smart trade, the rule is to buy low so you can sell high when the opportunity presents itself. But when you’re on the search for crypto to invest in, choosing to purchase the crypto simply because it’s at a low price doesn’t always mean that you’re in for a bargain. Sometimes, you need to do some digging on why exactly the price has dropped at that particular moment.

When a crypto’s user rate has fallen, don’t be too quick to buy. Watch out for this closely because, in many cases, this happens when the developers of the crypto decide to leave the project, and updates are no longer being done correctly on the coin, making the crypto insecure to invest in.

Going “All-In”

Some trading platforms go around encouraging traders to maximize their money by investing their funds as much as possible. Once a site suggests this, know that there’s a high possibility that you’re likely trading on a suspect trading platform that’s providing you with a quick route to the poor house.

For a more realistic and reasonable crypto investment tip, it’s best to invest in a certain proportion of your capital. A reasonable estimate would be something like 5%.

Thinking You Can Make Easy Money From Crypto Investing

There’s no easy way to make money off of trading any kind of financial asset whether it be shares, stocks, or cryptos. Even commodities like gold and silver can’t be traded as a way to make easy money. Those who go around telling you that this is possible are trying to trick you into making a crypto mistake and it’s within your own best interests to not heed to this advice.

Not Remembering Your Crypto Keyphrase

When you have a hardware wallet that’s used for storing purchased crypto offline, you’re assigned a keyphrase that works like a key to your digital wallet. If you happen to forget this keyphrase and can’t seem to find the details, then just know that there’s no way of retrieving this again, because losing your keyphrase is like losing the only key you have to your bank vault.

Getting Scammed

As you go about your journey as a crypto trader, you’ll come across many crypto deals. If a deal leaves you feeling as though it’s too good to be true, then it likely is. Here are four common scams that you should be very careful of:

  • Cloud Multiplier Scams: This is where scammers will send you emails and texts with deals that promise returns that are double or triple your initial investment. This will later prove to be too good to be true. 
  • Pump And Dump: This is where crypto owners will deflate prices to exceptionally low prices for people to rush in and buy, and then inflate the prices right after so they can sell their coin at a higher price right before the coin crashes. 
  • Malicious Wallet Software: This is where criminals encourage investors to store their cryptos in less known digital wallets to then rob them of their money.
  • Fake Coins: This is when you invest in a fake coin and the criminal goes about stealing your identity and money. 

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