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What is a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency

  • Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency.
  • The blockchain is a decentralized database on which transactions take place.

Bitcoin is a leading global cryptocurrency. All payments are legitimized cryptographically, i.e. encrypted, and processed via a network of equivalent computers. Bitcoin ownership is stored in personal digital wallets. The price of a Bitcoin in relation to the legal tender is measured by the principle of price formation on the stock exchange. Therefore, the price for a Bitcoin is subject to fluctuations in financial markets, like stocks.

Bitcoin: a look at the history of cryptocurrency

The so-called cypherpunk movement tried since the 1990s to develop a digital alternative to cash using cryptographic methods. It was then that the concept of Bitcoin was first proposed in a white paper on a mailing list about cryptography. To this day it is unclear whether Nakamoto is a real person, a pseudonym, or even a collective pseudonym for a group of people. The Bitcoin network finally came into being on January 3rd, 2009 with the creation of 50 coins and the “Block 0”, the so-called Genesis block of its “Chain”. 

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