Email Remains An Important Channel For Brands


Among the main lessons of this survey, we note that, even in 2021, email remains a popular communication channel for consumers and one of the most effective when following certain good practices …

Email Remains a Channel Not To Be Overlooked

One of the main lessons of the study is the importance given to email in communicating with brands.
67.1% of people surveyed claim to have more than one personal email address, and nearly a third of users confirm that they have a lesson dedicated to promotional emails (30.8%).

Proof that email remains an important communication channel, 60.2% of French respondents say they consult their primary personal mailbox more than twice a day.

Among respondents who have an address dedicated to promotional emails, more than half say they look at it every day (56.1%).

Consumers Expect More Contact With Brands.

Overall, consumers are looking to establish more frequent but above all closer and more personal connections with businesses, particularly by focusing on social networks and email.

Therefore, they must ensure that they stand out within these overcrowded inboxes to create the contact expected by consumers.

Even as inboxes are increasingly crowded, we are seeing a strong need for a personal connection between the customer and the brand, which the isolation and social distancing can explain that consumers currently face.”

Adapt Your Email Communication To The Current Context

In recent months, brands have relied heavily on email to stay in touch with their customers during a time of unprecedented challenges and uncertainty.

During the first containment, the number of emails sent by brands increased by 30%.

Under these conditions, guaranteeing good levels of engagement with its contacts requires special monitoring and attention.

Brands must therefore take advantage of tools such as the segmentation of contact lists or dynamic sections to offer targeted and personalized emails according to the characteristics and preferences of each recipient.

In addition, consumers are showing themselves more and more sensitive to the personality of companies. The latter must more than ever show empathy and humanity through their communications.

Finally, good deliverability practices must also be applied, in particular with the definition of a recognizable sender name, as much as to strengthen the confidence of contacts and to ensure the arrival of messages in the inbox.

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