Entrepreneur Motivation – How to Motivate Yourself

Entrepreneur Motivation

Motivation Is The Avoidance Of Demotivation.

Motivation is still the magic word when it comes to managing employees. This usually means getting employees to perform that they would only be able to achieve with the appropriate incentives. This is how a real motivation industry has emerged, with many offers ready to encourage employees to achieve extraordinary things.

Incentive Systems Do Not Create Motivation.

First and foremost, employees are willing to show a high commitment to their company. This is particularly evident when they change jobs and seek a new challenge. They get on board with high expectations, mostly full of ideas and zest for action. Their potential and talent will be recognized and encouraged if things go well. If the corporate culture is also right, they will perform at their best, even without an incentive system. Incentive systems, thus, often have the function of drugs. In many companies, they are intended to make everyday life more bearable.

Entrepreneurial Motivation Comes From Success.

This realization makes the question of who motivates the entrepreneur absurd. Entrepreneurs asking for motivation have yet to understand their role. The experience of more than 30 years of working with entrepreneurs shows me that nothing motivates entrepreneurs more than the success of their companies. “Motivate yourself by being successful as an entrepreneur” is the call to everyone who calls for motivation.

Success Factors Customer And Employee Satisfaction

So when we ask about motivation, we very quickly end up with the question: What makes entrepreneurs successful? I want to put forward an important thought on this. Success can hardly be prevented when a high level of customer and employee satisfaction meets entrepreneurial competence. Irrespective of the many changes, breaking of taboos, and questioning of years of successful concepts, everything will remain the same in the future. Anyone who offers their employees an attractive working environment and turns customers into their fans will be successful and experience a new boost of motivation every day.

New Perspectives Create New Entrepreneurial Motivation.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t ask who motivates you. Ask yourself: “What have I done today to offer my employees an attractive working environment and to convince my customers with products and services? If you can’t think of an answer to these questions, the best thing you can do is take a break. It’s not about relaxation or wellness. It’s about looking at the company from a different perspective. Successful entrepreneurs regularly retire alone or with their team and shape the future of their company. This results in a strategy concept that shows the way to a successful future. That is pure motivation.

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