Five Graphic Design Trends in 2021 in London


Every image on a social media post, texts with messages on them, stickers, and emojis are all part of designing. From posters, illustrations to info-graphics – graphic designing has a huge role to play visually to communicate with the audience of every brand.

If you’re looking for graphic design courses in London or anywhere in the world, read this article to know what are the trends in graphic designing in 2021.

1. Videos with texts

As the design industry is working from home as much as any other industry, shooting production videos is becoming difficult. Most organizations therefore rely on videos that come along with the text. It has the added advantage of designing plus communication all at once.

Videos at a text are advantageous because one does not have to work separately on creating the content. After all, the content is embedded in it. Experts bring a fine balance in it so that viewers do not find it overwhelming and the messages are clear.

Videos embedded with text have a great advantage as they can shorten lengthy messages. It also does take less time to do the work instead of shooting videos separately.

2. Industrial Designing

Industrial designing is an amalgamation of modern and traditional elements. Industrial designing is commonly seen in the interior, graphics, and even in fashion.

With the vast change that the world has witnessed with the coronavirus, a blend of the commercial with the indoors is understandable as the whole world continues to work from home.

3. The millennium style

The millennium design is the grand design that is classic, timeless, and has a touch of the bygone. It has a touch of vintage to it, and also sees a lot of patterns in Florals and botanicals.

Sometimes it’s also whimsical and features an antique design. For example, the font style songs service is again on-trend as it is elegant but also classic, and people love it.

4. Illustration and Flat Icons are back

Icons can be defined as powerful tools meant for communicating visually. The simplicity that flat icons have is again in trend, mostly in business designing. Flat icons are popular today because they require less space and have fewer visual complications.

Apart from flat icons, illustrations are also in the trend. Illustrations are certainly more intricate but highly creative designs that are perfectly capable of narrating a story or conveying a strong message.

Because of the evocative nature of illustrations, stock photos are getting increasingly replaced by them.

5. Geometric design

Geometric shapes are not only popular including interior design but also majorly in graphic design. Geometry has a very universal aspect as it brings structure and consistency that provides a feeling of comfort and ease.

The visual harmony that geometric shapes can do to graphic designing is great for brands to communicate clearly while also tweaking it to be a bit edgy. In comparison, abstract designing can be overwhelming and confusing for the eyes of the consumer which is something that designers are actively trying to avoid at the moment.

Visual designing is integral to every business, small or large scale. Enroll in a program today to upswing your career as a graphic designer in the industry.

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