Four Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Selection Processes

benefits of outsourcing

When you need talent, the selection process becomes a priority that consumes valuable resources, especially for small or medium-sized companies with no specialized team that can dedicate 100% of their time and effort to completing it successfully.

More Time To Focus On Your Production Processes.

Finding the professional that best suits your needs is a complex process that requires time and dedication to ensure that the right decisions are made and thus maintain the company’s agility, flexibility and competitiveness. Talent sourcing and recruiting are made up of tasks such as:

  • The definition of the candidate person and the job description requires a detailed analysis of the profile’s requirements, adjusting to the real possibilities of talent in the labor market.
  • The selection of the appropriate platforms to achieve the best engagement with the candidate.
  • Screening of applications, which in some processes can be very numerous.
  • Telephone contact, face-to-face or video call interviews and constant feedback with the candidates.
  • The comparison of references.

If, in addition, you are looking for scarce professionals in the market, with high specialization and strong demand from the competition, the complexity is accentuated, and the possibility of it spreading over time is multiplied.

Having an experienced HR partner who manages all these issues most efficiently and strategically will allow your teams to focus on their activity without the need to divert resources to talent selection.

Guarantees The Best Fit For The Profile.

In your head, you have a clear idea of ​​what the candidate you are looking for is like, what tasks they must be able to assume and what specific and transversal skills they must have to meet your expectations. But… how to get to him? The challenge lies in knowing where and how to search but also in anticipating and detecting the projection that each candidate may have.

Make The Right Decisions In Economic Matters

Offering an attractive, economical and emotional value proposition is another great challenge you will have to face to attract the talent you are looking for. According to our Employer Brand Research report, this is the most important factor for 57% of candidates.

Take Advantage of The Latest Advances And Trends

HR technology evolves at a dizzying pace, and methodologies are constantly changing and optimizing as we gain more and more knowledge, not only of new technical advances but of people’s responses. New strategies, channels and methods emerge to improve engagement and streamline processes, which are increasingly faster and more accurate.

  • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and predictive analysis are more efficient sourcing.
  • Remote and deferred video interviews.
  • Dashboards and reports in real-time.
  • Automatic check of professional references.
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