Google Tricks: The Search Engine Is Fun With These Cool Google Tricks


The Google search engine has some fun and useful Google tricks that you may not even know. If you enter specific commands, you trigger some tricks. For example, if Google turns in a circle, displays the results crookedly or calls up a video game. We’ll show you ten cool tricks for Google.

Google is probably your “everyday companion” on the Internet. You can use the search engine to find the information you need. It often goes unnoticed that you can call up funny tricks and valuable functions on Google. For example, you can have the search results displayed in a Star Wars look, or you can get that Super Mario feeling into the search engine. On the following pages, you will learn ten cool Google tricks that might surprise you.

Top Most Cool Google Tricks

  • Play a game of Pac-Man on Google. All you have to do is enter “PacMan” (without quotation marks) in the search engine, and the game will appear in a small window. You control Pac-Man with the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • Turns Google upside down. Enter the command “do a barrel roll” (without quotation marks) in the search field and confirm with the Enter key. The search engine plays a complete role. Just try it.
  • If a role on Google is too hectic for you, you can have the search results displayed crooked. Write the command “askew” (without quotation marks) in the Google search field and confirm the search. Lo and behold: Google is crooked.
  • Are you looking for books but only know the author’s name? No problem. On Google, you can call up several publications by an author, including the book covers, in an overview. In the Google search field, you write “books by” (without quotation marks) and then enter the desired author name. Confirm the search, and you will receive several books in the picture above.
  • You can also change the language options when doing a Google search. Whether German, English or Spanish – there are many languages ​​to choose from. However, you can also set Klingon.
  • If the Google view is too dull for you, you should try this alternative. You can run the results like the famous intro from Star Wars on the screen. To do this, enter the following sentence in the search field and confirm: It was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
  • Are you fans of the famous Nintendo plumber Mario? Then you should enter “super Mario bros” on Google. On the right side, you can not only see information about the game, but you can also click on the question mark block on the right in the picture. A score will appear, and you will hear a familiar sound from the game. You can also click on it in quick succession.
  • If you have set the language settings to English on Google, you can also flip a coin. You may not always have cash with you. Enter “flip a coin,” and you will get the result: heads or tails. Tis is one of the fun google trick.
  • As an alternative to tossing a coin, you throw dice (also with the English language setting). To do this, give the commands “roll a die” or “roll dice,” and press Enter. You now see the result of a six-sided die.

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