Hidden Talents – Hiring In Social Networks

Hiring In Social Networks

The Internet revolutionized every aspect of daily life, and there is no discussion about that. Still, social networks and joining this revolution have created new behaviors, lifestyles, and behavior in society, which cannot be denied.

According to various statistical analysis sites, more than half of the world’s population has accounts in the different existing social networks, and many people use them to seek employment. These data confirm that the value of these platforms cannot be underestimated.

But social networks are not only used by those who want to enter the labor market for the first time or by those who seek to improve their situation, both economically and professionally, with a new job.

Employers or recruiters also use social networks in the human resources area, looking to hunt for hidden talent in this immense swamp of people who make up these platforms that are used daily.

How To Make Job Offers On Social Networks?

Hiring employees in companies that are done through the Internet and based on finding candidates that fit the profile of a position is successfully possible. This is achieved thanks to strategies that must be expertly crafted so that the exact talent hidden amid millions of people who use the mega network and its platforms for work purposes can be found.

It is already seen and proven that both employers, recruiters, and candidates for thousands of positions go to the Internet and social networks to search for and get a job, but how is it the right way?

Social networks provide recruiters and employers with an excellent opportunity to connect with the ideal candidates for their open positions who, quite possibly, would not be possible to find traditionally.

Given the enormous impact that social networks have caused in HR, most companies use them to recruit talent that would otherwise be hidden from their eyes.

The statistics mentioned above show that these platforms are a powerful tool for finding candidates looking for job offers from thousands of companies that publish their ads every day. But, just as these data are an advantage, they also represent a stumbling block given the high traffic of people who see the entries: How do you find the ideal candidate? Here are the answers:

Find the proper posts.

The secret to recruiting talent on social networks is getting rid of all the noise on them. What does this mean? Well, you have to filter the content. The millions and millions of posts made every day on these platforms also have millions and millions of different themes, and many do not even approach the subject of human resources or work environments.

Therefore, a filter system must be established to reach people in tune with the job offer and search.

To achieve this goal, each social network has its methodology. One of them is the hashtags that, with the numeral symbol, serve as a sieve to “catch” the needed topics.

In the case of recruiters and companies looking for candidates for their available positions, they allow them to filter the search and find the candidate or candidates that fit the required profiles. This is how social networks become allies of HR.

Publish content promoting company culture

It is not enough to publish a job offer post. The contractor or his HR department can take advantage of the power of these platforms to promote the company’s culture through posts that offer material about the company and why it is attractive to be part of its work team: show the organizational culture.

This point is of the utmost importance, not only for the human resources area but also because it allows the company to be projected much further, as it makes the organization visible to various audiences that make use of social networks; that is, it strengthens its image on these platforms and has more presence on the Internet.

Depending on its mission and objectives within the business world and the market, each company designs its marketing policies and includes social networks. Still, publishing posts promoting the organization’s own culture informally is a window that opens to the world and an immense possibility to contract in social networks.

Pay attention not only to niches.

A study published by Forbes says that managers and recruiters in the human resources sector use the main social networks used by managers and recruiters are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

However, there are more technological platforms where recruiters and companies can search for hidden talent to hire. For example, StackOverflow and GitHub are great places to find programmers and geeks looking for jobs. At the same time, Warrior Forum and Moz are the favorites for marketing and advertising specialists.

Other alternatives are Quora and TikTok. The first is a social network based on questions and answers and countless areas of user knowledge that, as they act with their real identity, provide seriousness when looking for talents. Although it is used a lot for funny videos, the second is still a consultation space.

Create social media culture

Although there are indeed organizations that have strict policies for the use of social networks and prohibit their employees from using them in the company’s facilities, it is also feasible to put a positive spin on them for the benefit of HR and the company’s image.

It’s not about wasting time or lazing around on these platforms. Given the global statistics, many workers are users of various social networks.

The policy towards these platforms in organizations could encourage employees to comment on the benefits of working in the company and participate in contests or other virtual activities such as surveys, so the shift would be helpful to fish for talent and candidates. To key positions.

Support recruiters

Business accounts are not enough for hiring staff. Therefore, promoting recruiters’ work to strengthen their presence on these platforms is a positive step for hiring on social networks.

The corporate accounts of the companies often deal with general issues of the same and do not focus on specific areas such as human resources. Instead, recruiters use them regularly, so institutional support would help recruit talent for vacant positions.

What Is The Advantage of Hiring on Social Networks?

Social networks are no longer used for games, sharing videos, or memes. Its use in other areas, such as marketing and HR, is already proven. Among the benefits of searching for hidden talents on these platforms, the following can be mentioned:

Passive candidates are reached.

This means that recruiters and human resources departments can reach more people. To those who are looking for a job, but also to those who have their professional profiles and, despite not expressly looking for a job, can give a surprise.

Observe talent firsthand

Seeing the professional publications of potential candidates allows HR departments to measure, in a certain way, the passion that each one of them feels for their work, as well as to appreciate their skills in specific areas framed within the scope of knowledge beyond that can be seen in a job interview.

This, in turn, leads to finding more candidates and opening up a world of possibilities in terms of hiring since you can see the details of a resume without having to read it. Everything is done more actively and dynamically.

It’s free

Every year human resources departments spend vast amounts of the company budget on recruiting. Social networks provide a considerable decrease in resources in this regard. Why not make use of them?

better orientation

Social networks offer specialized groups that discriminate against or agglomerate certain professionals (engineers, programmers, doctors, etc.) while, as already mentioned, some platforms bring together people from the same profession.

All this allows you to get to the point and not get lost among thousands of candidates or potential candidates but focus the search on what is required.

Conclusion: Social Media Strategies

Each company is different, and its business vision defines it. But, elaborating on a policy or own strategy in social networks should not be left out. This means that the rules for using these platforms must be made clear, not only for hiring staff but in general terms.

On the other hand, according to its needs and vacancies, each organization can conduct a related search based on this global strategy. In other words, using social networks should be a constant policy that can be taken advantage of daily and launched when it is necessary to search for talents for vacant positions and not something improvised by the moment’s need.

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