Do You Know How IoT Companies Benefit?


The Internet of Things is already a reality. It is no longer possible to speak of the future when one refers to this concept since there are many companies that, after having carried out digital transformation, are already using IoT to their benefit in multiple departments, with marketing and sales being the that have been more adapted to the new times.

Businesses have seen digital opportunities, such as those offered by cloud or cloud storage, because in this way documents are available to workers at all times, promoting mobility.

How do companies use the IoT?

  • Many companies already take advantage of the opportunities that the Internet of Things has in different business areas.
  • This is the case of the marketing and sales departments, since thanks to applications developed with IoT they can know which customers come to the stores and whether they buy or not. This way they can send proposals and promotions directly to their device.
  • The costs are reduced thanks to this exchange of information between devices. In the field of logistics, shipments can be controlled at all times, optimizing times, and routes.
  • The production and storage are also being benefited by these new applications. The industrial maintenance is done in a way much more efficient, because there are automated control systems report possible errors in the machinery. In addition, the stock is controlled by applications that report the existence or not of products necessary for production or sale.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, IoT makes the relationship between company and customer easier. Applications in this sense allow total personalization of messages, facilitating immediate communications, which translates into a better perception of the company by the end customer. At this point, it is very important to choose the IoT provider well, since the result of our actions will depend on this decision.

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