How Technological Advances Influence Work?


A question that we have asked ourselves at some point is how technological advances influence work. With all that it encompasses, the concept of technology has traditionally not been linked in the social sphere to the most positive attributes. In a way, globalization, the internet, networks, etc., have been consolidated for years as a threat. Even today, the drawbacks that we give it make us question whether we would like to do without it in our lives.

However, if we make a balance, the balance will likely lean towards the positive side since the advances and advantages it brings us in our day-to-day lives, both personal and work, are enormous. We may not value it, but what business or company, large or small, lacks a computer today? What about phones?

In the 21st century, one of the issues that most concerns us about technology is the replacement of workers by machines and, therefore, the destruction of employment. About a hundred years ago, Keynes was already talking about this phenomenon, referring to it as “technological unemployment.”

Paradoxically, progress and technological advances bring with them new production capacities, which results in the creation of new jobs and new business opportunities. In the same way, by remembering, we can remember the number of hours it used to develop specific tasks in a company: from communication to a creative process. Now, in a matter of minutes, we can start, carry out and finish all this thanks to technology. Therefore, we streamline processes and increase efficiency. It is also essential when using technology to manage human talent. We have also gained from technology when looking for talent since having the opportunity to publish job offers on various digital channels expands our dissemination. A diffusion that, ignoring the internet, could not be compared.

The Cloud Is The Great Revolution In Work.

Among the technologies that have revolutionized the work environment is “the cloud.” This can store large amounts of information, allowing us to access it while saving on hardware and software. Continuing with the Anglo-Saxon terms, we find the “big data” on the same importance scale. It is beneficial for companies to obtain answers to questions that had not even been raised in many cases, in addition to reducing costs and making better and faster decisions. Wireless technology is beneficial, primarily if we work remotely or while traveling. Video, on the other hand, is another great discovery. It is estimated that, in 2021, 70% of internet traffic in Spain will be through videos.

Economically speaking, if we want to be competitive in the market, we will have to make constant investments that, in some cases, can have a high cost. We call them investments, not expenses, because our business needs to be updated. And not only that, but there is also the possibility that our systems or devices will fail, so we will also have to maintain them.

How Technological Advances Influence Work

Workers can find technology a great ally since it offers such positive aspects as constant training, ease of working or even promoting the company’s development in which we work. However, using it can also be distracting. Access to applications, social networks and the excess of online content can lead to procrastination.

In short, it is not easy to measure the impact that technology can have on our professional lives. But if there is something clear, it is here to stay, and we must adapt to it so that it positively affects us. Keep cybersecurity in mind because being behind a screen has its risks, and it is essential to know how to protect ourselves.

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