How to Block & Unblock Someone On Instagram From Android


Instagram is the most used social network today, but many users do not know how to use all its functions. That is why in this entry we will help you to know a process that consists of blocking and unblocking users in that social network.

Why Block Someone From Instagram?

The blocking function is present in all social media platforms, and Instagram is not the exception since this function has endless variations by which it can be used. It can be used in order to block a person that you do not like, either an ex that you do not want to see anymore or also with the simple intention of not seeing the states/photos of that person or individual.

How to block someone from Instagram?

The steps are very simple since this procedure can be performed from any mobile device, tablet, laptop or computer, the steps are as follows:

  • Open the Instagram application from our device or whatever we have (It does not matter if the system is iOS, Android or Miui, it only matters that you have the Instagram application installed).
  • Go to the profile of the person you plan to block, as it is of utmost importance to choose the profile of the person you want to block and enter their main profile.
  • You must select in the upper right corner, where three points appear, after having selected there and the options panel has been opened, select where it says “Block” and that’s it, with that the person will be completely blocked, no photos will appear in your start and no notification regarding it will appear.

How to unblock someone from Instagram?

If you regretted having blocked that person or just want to remedy a mistake, unlocking someone is very simple, to do so, follow the steps below:

  • You must open your Instagram app again.
  • Go to the profile of that person you want to unlock.
  • Select the three points in the upper right corner, (on some systems, the option to unlock appears without having to hit the three points) and select “Unblock”.
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