How to Learn Financial Modeling & Business Valuation on Your Own?

Financial Modeling

Are you thinking of enrolling on a financial modelling course? If Yes, congrats, you are one step closer to learning and honing your skills for how to value and analyze a business and build your career in this space. This is very useful, especially, if you want to learn financial modelling on your own.

Financial modelling is important to analyse a company’s potential and project its future financial performance. A financial model helps determine different elements related to a business to make important decisions including acquisitions, expansion, and more.  

You will be glad to know that you can also self-study financial modelling and business valuation skills. Wondering how? Let’s get started!

Prerequisites of Learning Financial Modeling

Majorly you need to have a knack for MS Excel if you want to learn financial modelling on your own. Operating MS Excel seamlessly will enable you to analyze and forecast the company’s earnings and performance. Besides MS Excel, a thorough understanding of financial data and statements is a requisite.

You need a basic understanding of how to read these financial statements to learn financial modelling.

  • Balance Sheet: The balance sheet provides an overall snapshot of a business’s finances. It is a critical document that depicts the company’s assets, liabilities, and equity.
  • Profit and Loss Statement: The P&L statement measures total sales and expenses for a particular period. The statement shows the gross profit, in which the total operating costs are subtracted to calculate the net profit.
  • Cash Flow Statement: It determines the cash inflow and outflow of a company. Common examples of cash inflow include sales, loans, investments, etc. On the contrary, equipment purchased, expenses, and inventory are categorized under cash outflows.

You can also leverage this financial modelling course to make your way in this field.

Learn Financial Modeling and Business Valuation

Here is how you can learn financial modelling on your own.

  • You can enrol in financial modelling courses offered by some of the best online course platform, like Upsurge.
  • Look for free textbooks or books that provide in-depth knowledge about financial modelling.
  • You can enrol in any in-person classes to learn financial modelling.
  • Use real-life case studies and templates to develop a robust understanding of how things work in the financial sector.
  • You must also practice simple scenario models to hone subject matter skills. You can do this by creating hypothetical scenarios and practising them in MS Excel to hold command of financial modelling.


Financial modelling is an efficient way to evaluate a company’s ins and outs and make crucial business decisions based on that. It holds the utmost importance in analysing a company’s past operations and future growth potential after reaching the fair value of a business.

Without a doubt, developing skills to make a financial model can help you get an edge for making a career in this space. You can choose Upsurge, one of the best online course platforms to learn about financial modelling in detail and create a stepping stone for your career!

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