How Tubular Conveyor Systems Are Changing the Game

Tubular Conveyor

Material handling has always been a cornerstone of many industries, particularly in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors that deal with bulk and delicate products. With technology rapidly advancing, conveyor solutions have evolved to meet the ever-growing demands for efficiency, cleanliness, and sustainability.

What are Tubular Conveyor Systems?

Conveyor systems are the backbone of many industries, making choosing the right technology for your needs essential. Learn about tubular conveyor systems and break down their basic components.

Definition and Mechanism

Simply put, a tubular conveyor system is an enclosed, tube-like structure that moves materials from one point to another. Unlike traditional belt or screw conveyors, tubular systems use a cable and disc assembly to drag the material along the tube. This unique conveyor technology ensures that the materials are handled gently and efficiently.

Key Components

The primary components in a tubular conveying system are the enclosed tube, the cable, and the discs. The cable runs through the tube, and the discs are spaced evenly along the cable. When the cable moves, it drags the discs—and the material loaded onto them—through the tube, ensuring a smooth, efficient transport process.

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Why Choose Tubular Conveyor Systems?

Choosing the right conveyor system is like selecting the engine for your sports car—it can make or break your operation. With that in mind, let’s delve into why tubular conveyor systems are the Ferraris of the conveyor world, offering unparalleled advantages in performance, safety, and innovation.

Preserving Product Integrity

Imagine your premium coffee beans or specialized pharmaceutical ingredients going through a traditional conveyor system, only to emerge at the other end, tainted or damaged. That’s the stuff of nightmares for any manufacturer.
Now enter the tubular conveyor system—a hero in shining armor encased in a tube that safeguards your precious cargo. Its gentle dragging mechanism treats your items like VIP guests, ensuring they move from one end to the other in mint condition.

Efficiency and Durability

Let’s talk about turbo-charged efficiency. Tubular conveyor systems, especially those designed by Cablevey Conveyors, come with lean, mean motors that maximize energy use without sacrificing power.
It’s like having a hybrid supercar: you get the speed and incredible fuel efficiency. The result? A drastic cut in operational costs. And let’s not forget durability—these systems are the Iron Man suits of the conveyor world, built to withstand the test of time and conditions.

FDA Compliance and Cleanliness

For industries that have to play by the FDA rules (and let’s face it, those rules are not going away), tubular conveyor systems are your go-to compliance gurus. They’re designed to meet all the stringent FDA requirements so you can sleep easily at night.
As for cleanliness, think of these systems as self-cleaning ovens. Their enclosed nature and easy-to-clean features make them a hygiene dream, allowing you to maintain those crucial cleanliness standards without breaking a sweat.

Design Flexibility

Got a complex layout that resembles a roller coaster more than a production line? No problem! Tubular conveyor systems are like the gymnasts of the conveyor world—agile, flexible, and capable of turns and flips that traditional techniques wouldn’t dare attempt.
Whether dealing with sharp turns, steep inclines, or tight spaces, these systems can adapt, providing an elegant solution to your most intricate layout puzzles.

Cablevey Conveyors: Leading the Way

Cablevey Conveyors has been at the forefront of conveyor systems manufacturing for over 50 years. Their focus on creating conveyor solutions that are not only efficient but also sustainable sets them apart. Their conveyor systems incorporate corrosion-resistant components, ensuring longevity and durability.
Furthermore, they’re highly involved in their community, employing people from the local area and offering continual training and education. They also make it a point to green up their operating spaces and support local businesses.

Seize the Future of Material Handling

If you’re in an industry that relies heavily on efficient, clean, and sustainable material handling, it’s time to consider switching to a tubular conveyor system.
Companies like Cablevey Conveyors offer a range of solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you’re investing in a system that will deliver both short-term and long-term benefits. So why wait? Take your material handling capabilities to the next level with Cablevey Conveyors.

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