Most Flexible POS Systems to Improve Automotive Repair Management

Automotive Repair Management

Automotive repair is a unique industry, at least as far as public-facing businesses go. They provide an essential service and have high foot traffic, but they also rely on appointment-setting to manage customer expectations about repair turnaround and wait times. On top of that, garages have part and supply sales as well as service-based charges, putting them in the same position as hair salons and other hybrid business models that rely on both retail and service delivery to satisfy customers. The result is a business that has a lot of administrative needs, even if it doesn’t have a lot of staff. The right on-site computer system can go a long way toward simplifying all the management tasks that go into running your automotive business, and that’s where you’re lucky. Today’s POS automotive management options are more varied and comprehensive than ever before.

Introducing the Clover Family

You can thank the innovative Clover Station for the revolution in POS machines that have led to today’s diverse selection of terminals that include all the apps you need to run sales reports, track inventory, and do all your other day to day administrative tasks. The standardization of the Clover OS across the various devices in this family makes it easy to switch models as your business needs change or to add new terminals at new locations as you expand. There are a variety of models that work for repair garages with slightly different business models, so you’re almost sure to find a Clover machine with the automotive POS options you want. Standard apps include:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Employee scheduling
  • Timecard management
  • Sales reports and cash drawer management
  • Versatility to add Android apps for further device customization

That’s right. According to the Clover development team, you can add and configure Android apps for productivity as long as they don’t depend on Google services to function. That allows you to build the perfect Clover experience for your business, even if you have an existing app you want to keep using.

Clover Mini

Manage your apps and features through web access to pull reports and other vital data from this compact but powerful device while allowing your employees total mobility on the job. The Clover Mini uses a broadband wireless connection to maintain contact with your credit card processor, so you don’t have to worry about a technician wandering outside the Wi-Fi range and having to bring the customer back to get a signature. You can still track inventory, get signatures on service agreements and quotes, and manage transactions, all from a slim device with no need for a base station. It’s even got support for a cash discount program.

Booker POS

The best fit for most appointment-based businesses today is the powerful Booker system. Using the Clover interface and app ecosystem, it delivers an experience that is tailored to companies that make sales and provide services, including automotive repair businesses, salons, pet groomers, dentists, and even family medical clinics. There’s no better out of the box build for a business that has to manage both employee and walk-in traffic, so check out the prices on the Booker if you are in the market for a new automotive POS.

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