Paypal – Reasons Why It Is Still So Popular All Around The World


Paypal is definitely one of the best known online payment services in the world. It all started with the merger of the two financial service providers and Confinity, whereby was founded by the world-famous visionary Elon Musk. In 2002, Paypal was bought up by eBay and developed into the primary payment service for the website. PayPal is now used by more than 200 million users worldwide. It scores above all with its simplicity in terms of use and security: a concept that has proven itself. In the following text, you can expect 3 benefits worth knowing that you may not have known.

Speed ​​of transactions

One of the great advantages of PayPal is definitely its speed. While with conventional bank transfers you sometimes have to wait several working days for the money to be transferred, PayPal is a matter of seconds. In addition, you do not need an account number or name to transfer the money, the email address alone is enough. Paypal also earns money through the transfer. For every payment using the credit card, PayPal keeps a small percentage of the value for itself. In addition, you pay the service provider 35 cents per transaction, regardless of the value of the payment. A more than manageable sum if you compare it to the advantage.

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Another big advantage is the revolutionary protection for sellers and buyers. The security for sellers is primarily focused on the possibility of the customer defaulting. If you do not receive your money, you do not have to worry about it personally: PayPal does this. As a buyer, you can claim the money back in the event of fraud. You can contact Paypal, explain the facts and then get the money transferred back. The whole refund is taken care of, saving you time and nerves and allowing you to concentrate on more important things. Furthermore, not only the money is secure, but also your data, which you have to provide to PayPal when you register. As already mentioned, only the email address is required for payment. Bank details or names do not have to be made known to the transaction partner, all data remains solely with PayPal. So you can see that user safety has top priority: a reassuring fact.


As you can easily see from the history of the company, PayPal has clearly specialized in financial transactions on the Internet. If you quickly reach the limits when transferring money in conventional shops, since many restaurants or hotels do not accept Paypal payments, the possibilities on the Internet are virtually endless. Hardly any online shop has no offer to pay with Paypal, especially with the big players, the financial service has long been established and can no longer be pushed away from this leadership position. Nevertheless, there are also small businesses and service providers for which PayPal is essential.
In summary, one can say that PayPal for online transactions is in itself without competition. If you still consider the benefits, registering is actually not a disadvantage. Should a PayPal still not appeal, you can irrevocably close your account in no time.

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