PopUp And PopIn Ads – Do You Know The Difference?


PopUp ads are graphic teasers that are displayed in pop-up windows. Surely you are used to seeing this type of advertising. Sometimes they are obnoxious, but it is a good strategy to increase your audience. Many companies use this promotional tactic. The objective of this method is to attract traffic to a specific website, be it a landing or a corporate website. Let’s not confuse it with PopIn, the pop-up ad that opens within the page we navigate.

This method will help you get more contacts and thus have a good database to send a newsletter. This is one of the main reasons why they are so widely used in digital marketing today. Those desired databases!

A PopUp ad helps us distribute our product information to many more people. This strategy can be very useful or, on the contrary, it can be of no use to you. If you don’t organize yourself well, it can hurt you. If you plan to use these ads, it is very important to understand all the processes that influence the campaign. This way, you will get the maximum possible benefit!

PopUp Ads: Increase Your Traffic And Your Contact Portfolio

The main purpose of PopUp ads is to drive more traffic to a promotional website. When a user visits certain web pages, a pop-up window with an advertisement will be displayed.

These ads should get the user to go to a certain website to get offers or gifts. In addition, it should offer useful information for the user. Remember, this first hit won’t last more than a couple of seconds. When we use these PopUp ads for our website, we must ensure that we are using the correct graphics and words.

Sometimes, the visitor ignores the ad if it is very bright or very bright in color. That is not going to convey confidence or professionalism. That is why it is very important to make sure that the ad is created correctly and fits your line of business and brand. PopUp ads should be simple and attractive to visitors. The first impression is what counts.

Types of PopUps

When we use PopUp ads, we can use them in a non-permissive way or in an Opt-In way. The pop-up window will appear when the user is about to leave the website. On some occasions, it will also appear when the visitor “scrolls” on the web. These PopUp ads will ask the user if they need to receive newsletters about the company. Here the visitor can enter their email address or ignore it and close it.

Design is essential to project and convey confidence. If the user perceives that the information we offer is good, they will subscribe. There are even PopUp ads that offer health, current news, or stock information. This way, they get more visibility and attention in your ad for a longer time. These ads are more informative than promotional, but if we give the information dropwise, they will need to click and go to our website to see the rest.

Non-permissive PopUp ads are the other option for generating email addresses. In this process of increasing our database, the pop-up window will offer us useful downloadable applications or incredible gifts.

Currently, digital marketing offers us a wide range of possibilities to expand. We only have to know our need to know which action is the most convenient.


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