How To Protect Our Privacy With Android

android privacy

In our devices with Android operating system, whether on the smartphone or tablet, we have information that we generally want to have private. It is for this reason that in this entry we will give you certain tips so that you maintain your privacy on your device.

Tips For Maintaining Privacy On Android

There are several tips that will allow you to protect your privacy in this section we will indicate the most important tips. However, we must always be alert to strengthen our privacy on our device.

Applications conducive to privacy

With these applications, the vulnerability of information from our mobile phone to another person not authorized by you is reduced. So we recommend that you install them.

  • Most of the instant messaging apps that we get on Google Play do not have an encryption system. So if you want your message to be unreadable by someone else we recommend the following Telegram, Texsecure or Hermes.
  • If you are going to have an important call where you will indicate information of great value we recommend that you use an application that allows you to encrypt the call such as Signal or Redphone.
  • Passwords are designed to protect information, so we recommend installing a security app on your device.

Know if any of the apps you have installed do not violate your privacy

In very frequent that we install applications in our mobiles granting authorization and permission to check before the application is requesting us. Some of those installed applications may be violating your privacy, ranging from copying the information to sharing it.

That is why it is important to always read the authorizations that each app asks us before installing it. If you want to know if you have applications that do not violate your privacy, you just have to go to the settings section of the Android device. The most important thing is that you do not install the app from unknown sources.

Put passwords

It is important to put passwords on your devices that are really secure, not to put names or date of birth as keys. That is why it is important that the password is unique and difficult to discover by the person who wants to spy on your mobile.

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