Promote Digitalization In Your Own Company

Promote Digitalization

Digital transformation has been at the forefront of the economy for years. However, some companies still have hardly even dealt with the topic. In this article, we want to raise some critical questions.

What Does Digitalization Mean?

Digitalization means moving processes from paper to the computer. For example, old projects are stored digitally and not archived in reports. Most management processes can now easily be mapped digitally.
Communication should also be digitized as comprehensively as possible. This is particularly important because, in this way, it is possible to trace back at any time who said and did what.

Why Is Digitalization So Important?

There is a lot to be said for digitalization. The most important thing is that today’s business world is very fast-moving, and anyone who doesn’t have everything available digitally at a click risks being left behind by the competition. Companies that want to keep up must arrive in the digital age.

Other advantages include:

  • Faster processes
  • Easier management
  • New sales channels

What Can Be Digitized?

Most of the processes that make up a company today can be mapped digitally. Today, companies can digitize everything from management, communication, and organization to customer support. There are hardly any limits here anymore. And even for very traditional companies and industries, new solutions and concepts are constantly being developed.
But now, some examples of what exactly can be digitized.

Requirements For Digitization

Here’s how you can prepare your business:

  • Prepare employees for change: For digitalization to work, all employees must participate. It can’t be the case that you decide only to conduct communication via email, and some of your employees don’t stick to it. Introduce employees slowly to the goal and make it palatable.
  • Create IT infrastructure: You must prepare your company for the digital revolution. Make sure your IT infrastructure can withstand the new challenge.
  • Benefits and goals: Evaluate in advance what benefits the change can bring your company. Derive goals from this about how the changes should change your business.

Examples of Digitalization

The following examples are intended to give you an overview of possible possibilities.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing refers to outsourcing processes, software or storage space “to the cloud”. In other words, you don’t have to provide your servers on-site but use third-party servers. 

Regarding software, we speak of SaaS (Software as a Service). The required programs are not installed on the employee’s computer but run on an external server.

The advantage is that there are no maintenance costs for the software. Software updates are carried out directly by the provider without you, as the user, noticing anything about it.

Project management

Project management is finding its way into more and more companies. The PM method is often helpful and can standardized work processes. Project management software is available in many varieties over the web. SaaS PM software today is very sophisticated and versatile.

Whether “traditional” Gant systems or the modern KANBAN method, everything can be covered with well-known PM tools. Some providers include Trello or Bitrix.


You can now also easily do your accounting using an online tool. This also has the advantage that you and your accountant can access the same data constantly. Furthermore, the tool providers continuously ensure that the software meets the current requirements of the tax office without you having to make any updates.

Customer Support

You may already offer support via email. However, online help can be done much better. With a support tool like Zendesk, you get a complete customer support desk with just one click. This contains an FAQ page and a ticket system.

You can also set up a support chat for your website and immediately contact potential new customers and help them.


Digitalization is essential for every company. The good thing is that it is becoming more accessible and easier to implement. If your company is not yet digitized, now is the time.

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