Quickest Ways To Clean Your Mac


Macs truly are great computers and incredible companions both for work and entertainment. Macs surprise its users with even better efficiency, faster speed, and sleeker design each year.

But even taken all that, all electrical devices experience technical issues sooner or later. This might be caused either by not wanting to take care of your Mac and not doing occasional maintenance work, either the age of the device.

Either way, if you do not clean mac, it will become slower in a shorter period of time than it should. Here in this article, we will share some insightful tips that will help you clean your Mac in the fastest and most efficient ways. 

Delete The Apps You No Longer Use

A lot of people enjoy trying new apps, especially if they are free or on a special discount. As you know, when you pay once, even if you uninstall it, you can download it multiple times for free. This is a great feature but it often leaves us with tons of unused apps.

A bunch of unused apps on your Mac is not only a sign of laziness. It is much worse than you think. It might seem that these apps are just innocently using some of your extra storage. But to really know how much storage are your apps using, click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner menu, then click About This Mac, choose Storage tab, wait until it calculates, and you will see the final result – how much of your storage consists of apps alone.

If your storage is nearly full, also keep it in mind, that apps are creating additional files to save information on your computer. This can happen both to productivity apps and game apps. Therefore, this means that apps might take up way more storage than you thought. Also, when your storage is nearly full, one day there might be no space left for new saves, which could lead to terrible data loss.

Delete The Files You No Longer Need

Some people like to store piles of files on their computer. Some are used to it because they just recently upgraded from a Windows OS to macOS, some always feel like they might need those unused files again, and some simply forget.

To avoid forgetting, you could schedule a reminder at least once a month to delete unused files. Another issue is when you delete your files but leave them in your Trash Bin. This way, you think you have deleted a lot of files but they are still on your computer taking up your valuable storage space. To avoid that, you can set up an option to automatically delete the files from Trash Bin – the same way as on iPhone.

Clean Your Cache


There are three types of cache files on your computer: system, user, and browser cache. And it is very important to constantly delete all three of them. You would be surprised how much information your Mac stores in those files.

More to it, these files not only take a lot of space on your computer but also make it way slower than it should be. Therefore if you wish your Mac to perform faster, make sure you remove these files from time to time.

Invest In A Proper Antivirus

Protecting and cleaning your Mac from possible malware attacks is also very important. Even though it is common to think that Mac’s have pretty solid protection built-in, these computers still need professional protection. Unpleasant things might happen to you by simply connecting to a public WiFi, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you will not have a proper antivirus, malware attacks could lead to a slower computer, lagging, important data loss, or even leakage. So, if you often use your Mac for work, there should be no doubt about giving it some extra protection.

It is best that you choose an antivirus that can protect both your computer and your browser. You might catch a virus that will not do much harm to your files but it can make your life very annoying. For example, there is a browser virus that disables Google search, therefore you are left with incompetent search results.

Always Clean The Outside Of Your Mac


Cleaning the outside of your Mac is just as important as cleaning the inside of it. If one day you notice that your Mac has started to perform hotter than usual, this means that it might be an issue caused by dust that got inside of it. This may cause major performance issues as well.

All in all, you should always make sure you clean the dust off your Mac, keep the surface of the table clean or even invest in a cooling pad if the air temperature is extremely hot. 

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