Renting Needs – The Best Savings Option For SMEs

rentings for smes

One of the main obstacles that SMEs face, and even more so in times of crisis, is being able to adjust their expenses to their needs. Setting up a small business is a complicated task, so all the options that allow you to improve economically are a great advantage.

What Is Flexible Renting?

Flexible renting is the definitive solution for those companies that want to hire a renting service that fully adapts to their day-to-day needs,” explains The writer.

“For this, we make a fully customizable plan available to SMEs. A service adapted to the day to day that allows us to adapt the use of our vehicles according to the workload ”, he adds.

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Some of the features offered by flexible renting are:

Service from 1 month to 24 months.

Unlimited replacement vehicle included.

Accessories subject to availability in rentals of less than 3 months.

Free deliveries and collections for rentals of more than three months.

Available cars and vans up to 3500 kg, heavy trucks.

Comprehensive insurance coverage.

Flexible mileage.

How does an SME save through flexible renting?

The savings provided by a flexible rental service are multiple since its benefits in different ways:

Tax savings: when a vehicle is purchased, one of the payments that must be made is the cost of the registration tax, in addition to the road tax and the ITV. With the renting services, you would not have to pay any of those taxes, since they take care of everything.

Savings in insurance: paying monthly insurance for a vehicle can cost between € 300 and € 1000 per year, an expense that SMEs will save by being included in the renting contract. In the same way, other unforeseen events such as breakdowns, maintenance, or tire change are covered.

Financial savings: the last and very important is the savings that can be applied to finance a renting service. Acquiring a vehicle involves a large initial outlay that in most cases requires external financing. This can incur large expenses derived from interest, however, with the renting service, there is no such problem.

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