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In the ever changing business dynamics, it becomes imperative for a company or an organization to have a robust tax strategy in-place in order to save its time, money and effort, and instead focus more on its core areas. This is exactly why all small to midsize entities feel the need for hiring the services of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) that can easily handle their audit & tax preparation roles and offer highly professional financial consultation services. To be more precise, a CPA can help an organization prepare for IRS tax audits, help in filing income tax returns and create a foolproof tax strategy for helping a local business save a lot of money. But, the million dollar question is, how to find one such certified public accountant near you that can take over all your financial and accounting related work, in a much more professional way than a regular accountant. There are business accounting marketplaces like Ageras that can easily help you get access to some of the reputed accountancy or CA firms in your city in the US, by offering genuine and relevant quotes to compare. You can choose one that suits your requirement and matches the job description. It’s so easy nowadays to find a chartered accountant, a personal tax accountant, a bookkeeper, an external audit firm/auditor or a certified public accountant (CPA) near you through the assistance of one such registered outsourcing service finder or agency, like the one mentioned above.

Who is a CPA and Its Precise Role?

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is an individual or an entity, providing all kinds of financial consultation services to a client, apart from helping in tax preparation, filing yearly returns, preparing for an IRS tax audit, and more. It can be a perfect help for your small business that is poised for growth and wants to focus more in the core areas, rather than on the non-critical aspects of business operation. Though the role played by a CPA is more like a regular accountant, it is certified to offer specialty services like external audits, preparing for filing tax returns and reviewing financial statements of a company. And, marketplaces like Ageras have been helping all business owners in the US find a professional CPA in their city. It needs to be understood here that a certified public accountant, unlike a personal tax accountant, has to clear or pass a Uniform CPA Examination in order to be awarded a license to operate. Thus, you can understand the importance and complexity in its role or operation area. They have to meet minimum educational requirements in order to earn the title and designation of a CPA. It is the most sought after designation and credential among all accountants worldwide that aspire to become a A-grade company chartered accountant from a petty personal tax accountant.

A Certified Public Accountant performs tax related services, prepares groundwork for IRS audits, performs assurance & reviews, and also provides financial management services. A CPA advises a client on all matters pertaining to tax strategies and how to file income tax returns (ITRs). It includes filing of local, state and federal tax returns, thereby assisting individuals and organizations, minimize their tax obligations. This is how they help a company maximize its revenue and profit margins, by streamlining its burden of corporate taxes. They also assist companies during an IRS audit and how to face tough questions from auditors. The most important role of a CPA is to audit the books of a company and evaluate its financial statements. It also looks into the aspect of audits, wherein it checks whether the financial information provided is correct and accurate, so that a proper groundwork can be prepared for IRS tax audits. Last but not the least, it also offers assistance in areas related to financial planning. This helps in budgeting and in future expansion or investment plans.

How to Find a CPA Near You?

It is quite easy. With the assistance of a marketplace like Ageras, finding a cpa near me or you has been made simple and effortless. As a client or a recipient of service, you simply need to fill out an online application form provided in their official website with all your detailed information. Upon verifying all the information provided by you, they match and offer 3 no-obligation or non-binding quotes within 48 hours of you filling the online form. You can always compare these quotes of CPAs with other agencies, and choose the one that best matches with your requirement and job role. Agencies like these help provide you the right personal tax accountant or a Chartered Accountant firm that acts as a certified public accountant, handling all your business accounting related documents, paperwork, statements, book, tax & audit.

Who Requires the Services of a CPA?

All business entities, organizations, companies and firms that file income tax return, sales tax, federal tax, have an audit procedure and are looking for financial consulting services, need a Certified Public Accountant. It is somewhat of a refined version of a personal tax accountant that looks into more complex areas of business accounting, such as tax preparation, filing returns, preparing for an external IRS audit and offering tax strategies. Therefore, all small to midsize business enterprises that cannot afford to have a dedicated accounts department on its exclusive payroll look forward to the services of a chartered accountant that serves as a CPA. Also the non-profit organizations, IT firms, hospitals and manufacturing industries do require the services of a certified public accountant to prepare tax and get assistance in IRS audits.


So, if you’re looking for a CPA that can provide you with a full range of tax, audit and financial advisory services, it has to be from Ageras that can guide, assist and offer some of the best business quotes, regarding a tax accountant near you or in your city of operation. In this way, you can choose an expert from a list of many that perfectly serve your small business accounting toronto of yearly tax preparation and helping in an external audit procedure. One such qualified and certified accountant can also look into all the matters related to financial resource management, budgeting, profit analysis, payroll processing, financial statement preparation and more complex company accounting procedures. This is how a CPA performs the said responsibilities.

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