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Are you considering starting a business? Then you certainly want to be successful and get off to a good start right from the start. It should be clear to everyone that this is no honey licking. After all, there are countless examples of failed start-ups. Either because the business plan was far from reality, because here and there one miscalculated, or because the demand for one’s products/services dropped so much that entrepreneurs threw in the towel before they slipped into the red.

What A Successful Company Needs

We admit – it’s not always easy to offer a product or service that the market needs right now. You don’t always hit the market like a bomb. Sometimes you also occupy a niche that makes sense but does not yield profits that skyrocket. A good concept is therefore required. This starts with finding out the market’s size for the product/service offered. One should not overestimate this. Otherwise, one calculates excessive income.

Then you must evaluate your product and consider a good price structure to cover all costs. So not only personnel costs, insurance and co, but all acquisition costs, rents, operating costs, etc.

Assuming that you have thought through and planned everything, it goes on to the next step.

Mentors And Networks Can Help.

Very few of us are born entrepreneurs. Usually, you have to grow into this position and gain a foothold. It would help if you tried to get larger, experienced personalities on board who are an asset precisely because you have mastered the initial phase well and have both feet in the successful business. They can tell you what to work on and what to improve. Networks are also important for making a name for yourself. This should not be neglected. Attention – here, you get to know future customers and the competition.

Simplify Business Idea

Anyone who is a new entrepreneur should score with a certain simplicity. So try to keep the concept tight and simple. Don’t start with a huge portfolio of everything. You can always expand your field of activity later. You have to be on solid ground first.


Flexibility is desirable. Especially at the beginning, this secures new orders, customer sympathy and trust. There, where well-known companies are weakening, you can win customers.


Today nothing works without the right marketing. What use is the best product if no one knows it exists or where to get it? It would help if you had a good product, a name for it and ideally, a corporate identity. This way, you will be recognizable later because that is your personal, concise appearance to the outside world. This is indispensable together with a perfect website.

Business Software

A little subjectivity comes into play when it comes to the ideal software. For a long time, Windows was considered the best operating system for companies. Because countless programs are indispensable for companies, let’s think of the Office package. In the early 2000s, calls for alternatives became particularly loud. The reason is that Windows became a frequent target of cyber attacks via viruses and Trojans. Apple systems and Linux computers came into play. Only with Windows 7 did the doubting voices fall silent again. Windows has invested a great deal in the security of the software and is once again able to ward off attacks by hackers largely. Security gaps will be closed as soon as possible. Now everything is back on track.

The software has long been available for all operating systems. It is, therefore, a question of sympathy which one to choose. There is a lot in the programs that are good and important.

Office Program

Once you’ve used Microsoft Office, you don’t want to be without it. Today there are subscription prices and constantly updated versions. Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook are the most popular programs. These are the programs you need right from the start.

Accounting Software

Of course, there is also the position of an accountant right at the beginning. This also requires software.

To Draw Up The Invoices

If you don’t exactly cover this point with MS Office, you need a program that can be used to create professional invoices.

Capture Business Processes

Anyone who thinks ahead invests in a software solution for handling business processes. What goods come into the house? Which leaves the house? Inventory management is the keyword here. SAP is the most well-known program.

Complete Packages Pay Off.

Those who are smart try to find complete packages that combine the most important things. So order processing, accounting, payroll accounting and merchandise management. 

Project Management

It would help if you considered managing the projects when the company is a little more solid. The right software can do that, too. Examples are Trello, GAIN teamwork, Microsoft Project or Open Project. The latter is even free.

Don’t Forget To Back Up Your Data

With all the other points an entrepreneur has to consider, one important point is often neglected. On the one hand, data must be stored securely so that nobody can see them, but they must also be well secured. A RAID on the data server is good. However, regular external storage is also recommended. Just imagine what if a fire breaks out near the server. The data would be irretrievably lost. An external backup reduces this risk.

We know that the list is by no means complete. There is always a desire for new software for one area or another. It is, therefore, worth keeping your eyes and ears open. Then you are always in the best position. We wish you all the best with it.

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