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How To Properly Manage Your Business Relationships?

Extending your address book is essential when you are an entrepreneur. But in the business world, quality is often more important than quantity. Once a commercial relationship has been established (with a partner, a client, a potential employee, etc.), it is essential to maintain it, maintain it, and even improve it. Organize To Maintain A […]

Business Ideas – How To Apply Marketing Effectively

It is not new that the digital age radically changed social relations and forms of consumption. The impact of the pandemic, in addition, helped to expand telecommuting as a work structure that is here to stay. For this reason, any company that intends to grow, sell more and generate competitiveness must follow a digital transformation […]

Eight Ideas To Improve The Productivity of Your SME

Improving the productivity of small businesses SME is an aspiration of every entrepreneur, manager and manager. We are not as productive as we should be, and we need to improve! Therefore, we offer you eight ideas that you can apply to your company to boost its performance. 1. Improve Productivity Through Planning and Organization In […]

Crypto-fueled Internet collective raises over $40 million for a rare copy of Constitution

The United States Constitution is more than just an ordinary document, it is the foundation wherein the nation was built. Essentially, it is a way to ensure that people making decisions on behalf of the public represent the opinions of those citizens as fairly and justly as possible. It’s an aspect of a deliberate system […]

7 Keys To Implementing An Innovation Model In Companies

In a scenario of accelerated digitization such as the current one, companies have to establish, through models that encourage and sustain innovation, strategies that allow them to redefine and reimagine their relationship with customers based on new purchasing habits, and this requires evolving towards service models thought in terms of solutions and not products, that […]

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