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7 Tips For Effective Business Management

In a world undergoing technological, economic and social transformations, commercial management cannot continue to be thought of as it was years ago. In increasingly fast-paced, changing times linked to social networks, teleworking and online commerce, isolated marketing efforts are not enough to make an effective sale. To achieve the desired objectives as a company or […]

Leadership Principles For Business Results

According to the results of research carried out by SAP, companies with good leaders carry out their activities efficiently and sustainably over time, according to the effects of research carried out by SAP, a German multinational company dedicated to designing business management software. This is because both the commitment and the permanence of employees within […]

Business Sustainability – Why You Need To Implement It And How To Do It

Historically, traditional business models have prioritized maximizing profit over any other parameter without much concern about its impact on the community. Currently, businesses are entering a reality where environmental and social awareness predominates. Corporate sustainability is vital for turning a business into an actual change agent. Its objective is to minimize the adverse effects on […]

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