Technologies of The Future And Their Impact On Quality Management

Quality Management

Technological Possibilities of The Future Determine Competitiveness. Every crisis generates not only dangers and challenges but also many opportunities. This must be used strategically for companies, society, and the state. For example, Since COVID-19, digitalization has finally been at the top of companies’ agendas. In many areas, we are only at the beginning of technological possibilities. Anyone who loses touch here will lose competitiveness. As of today, I see the following key drivers and possible options for action.

Important Drivers And Options For Action of Our Time:

Increasing signs of a shortage economy

High levels of storage of critical raw materials, purchasing in associations, research into material alternatives, reduction of consumption, investment in circular economy

Accumulation of problems in the supply chains of many companies.

Flexibility of production systems and working hours, expansion of maintenance and service business, use of 3D printing, web scraping of the raw materials and materials market

Increase in global tensions and military conflicts

Markets for security, addressing health and microelectronics, insourcing of critical services, multiple sourcing

There will be uncertainty in the energy supply in the coming years until the complete switch from fossil to renewable energy sources.

Prioritization of energy optimization, strategy development, solar expansion in existing buildings, energy saving in production, logistics, and offices, raising awareness among employees

Advancing climate change

Sustainability reporting, setting KPIs, establishing CIP processes, improving the longevity and ease of repair of products, and building secondary markets for used products.

Increasing digitalization leads to new disruptive technologies on the market.

Technology audits, training, recruiting IT and data specialists, use of robotics and AI, cooperation with research institutions and start-ups, investment in cybersecurity

Short-term establishment of a new hybrid working world

High-performance infrastructure, establishment of a mixed meeting culture, creation of a legal framework at the corporate level, establishment of team charters, use of back-to-office strategies

The ongoing shortage of skilled workers requires new approaches to dealing with it.

Use of robotics and AI, further training, creation of a valuable working environment, establishment of leadership for passion, use of digital tools in human resources management.

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Agility And Speed Become Quality Characteristics of Corporate Management.

Each of the drivers of transformation and the turnaround addressed would, in itself, significantly influence the direction of the company. But it is precisely the sum of the results that will massively change companies. It is now important to advance innovations in technologies, products, services, and processes quickly and agilely

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