The Different Forms Of Online Advertising And Their Advantages


Companies have to consider a variety of things in order to survive and succeed in the market. This also includes advertising. There are more than enough reasons to advertise. Advertising can, for example, raise awareness, increase sales, and help to stand out from the competition.

Online advertising plays a prominent role in times of digitization. If you want to increase your income, you shouldn’t do without it. However, online advertising is not the same as online advertising. There are different forms and entrepreneurs should know the differences in order to find the best possible advertisement for your project. First of all: It is not just the form of advertising that is important, but also how it is implemented. Success is by no means guaranteed.

Search engine advertising

More and more people are getting information about a wide variety of things on the Internet. It can be assumed that their number will increase in the future. Search engine advertising (SEA) is therefore undoubtedly one of the most attractive forms of online advertising. Anyone who places advertisements via Google enjoys a high level of transparency. Success can be easily measured with paid ads.

Entrepreneurs can check at any time which keywords and ad texts ensure clicks. The scatter losses are relatively low. Provided that the target group is correctly targeted. In this case, only the relevant users are paid. This in turn has a positive effect on the conversion. The control options are another advantage. You can specify exactly how much you want to invest in a particular campaign. The monthly budget is not exceeded.

Influencer marketing

You don’t have to become an influencer yourself to use influencer marketing for your advertising purposes. After all, there are more than enough influencers on Instagram, for example, who are just waiting for new advertising partners. This modern form of advertising can be very lucrative. Not only to generate sales but also to increase brand awareness. After all, there are hardly any better brand ambassadors than popular influencers. Especially when it comes to those who are active in their own industry.

A big advantage of influencer marketing is that influencers are perceived as people and not as companies. This opens up a different kind of communication. The target group is easier to reach because it is easier to bridge distances. Furthermore, (successful) influencers have an enormous reach and success can also be measured here.

Social media advertising

There are now a number of social platforms. So Facebook is far from the only option that advertisers have at their disposal. Advertising via Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube is also interesting. In principle, social media advertising is quite simple. The advertising is displayed to the users of the social platforms, for example via the news feed, and usually contains a call-to-action.

As with SEA, it is possible to target your target group. The available options enable very precise targeting. Many platforms offer different criteria to select the right target group. Social media marketing is definitely attractive. Especially since the range of many networks is enormous and millions of them.

Online audio advertising

All of us should know the classic radio spots. There is no denying that they are slow from online audio advertising to be ousted. Online audio spots are possible, among other things, via web radio stations and streaming services such as Spotify. However, many established radio stations also offer this option, provided that they can be followed via live streams on the Internet. Since many radio stations are aware that online audio advertising is becoming increasingly popular, some of them jump on the bandwagon. In addition, more and more people are listening to music on mobile devices. This makes online audio advertising an interesting form of advertising without question. One of their advantages is that audio spots can be broadcast locally. This is interesting for companies that target a local audience, among other things.


cross-listing is an interesting form of online advertising that is often underestimated. But it has great potential. After all, many people search for local location data online. Anyone who advertises via cross-listing can benefit from this because company forms are placed in various online portals.

It is important that all data is processed centrally. Otherwise, it is theoretically possible for competitors to make changes to the data. Misuse is not excluded here. If you pay a little attention to security, you don’t have to worry and can benefit from an enormous range. Not to mention that cross-listing generally has a positive impact on search engine optimization. Finally, the advertising measure generates backlinks.

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Affiliate marketing

The good thing about advertising through affiliate marketing is that you, the customer, run a low risk. After all, you only have to spend money if successful sales or brokerage has taken place. To do this, a suitable partner program must first be designed. This requires a certain effort and an exact calculation of the costs. After all, the partner program should not only offer attractive conditions for you, but also for the affiliates. Otherwise, the affiliates are unlikely to promote you, not one of your competitors.

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