The Main Mistakes When Advertising On Google

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Google is the search engine with the most significant impact in the world, and, in addition, it has the largest advertising platform worldwide: Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords). Although it has relatively simple usability to allow inexperienced users to use it, it requires specific knowledge to get the most out of it. No company or website that wants to be successful today can do without this tool.
Does this mean that Google Ads is a foolproof advertising tool? No. Partly because so many advertisers make avoidable mistakes like the ones we’re going to see next.

Don’t Put Yourself in The Hands of an Expert Agency.

The best way to optimize campaigns is to delegate to an expert agency in Google Ads, so it would be interesting to hire the services of a company with the Google Partner certification since these marketing agencies have the guarantee and recognition of Google itself.

Not Measuring Results

The results of traditional advertising, which appears in the written press, television, radio, billboards, etc., cannot be measured precisely; However, SEM campaigns can obtain much more reliable data on the number of visits, views, purchases …

Analyzing metrics such as cost per click (CPC), keyword quality level, cost per acquisition (CPA) is the only way to optimize your advertising campaigns and obtain better results.

We Are Not Using the Right Keywords.

The keywords are critical to position well in the search engines, both paid and organic results. These words are what potential customers enter in search engines when they are looking for something specific and are, therefore, the shortest way for your ads to reach a more significant number of people. Use those that have to do with your sector using the different possible matches, and focus on getting, not web traffic, but conversions.

Talk About The Characteristics of The Product Instead of The Advantages.

Consumers are not usually interested in the characteristics of a product, especially if they do not dominate the sector to which that product belongs. Features are, in most cases, abstract concepts that do not say anything to buyers, but what they do want to know is what the product can do for them. They want to know if the product is going to solve the problem that afflicts them. So he talks about the benefits of the product, not its features.

Skip Calls To Action

The best way to get your audience to do what you want is to ask them directly. Include a call to action (CTA), a call to action, in your ads to direct your audience and achieve better results.

The world of online marketing is evolving a lot, which forces you to be original and use original calls to action and invite Internet users to click on them. For this reason, avoid hackneyed “buy now” or “click here” style formulas.

Don’t Link To an Optimized Landing Page.

An online ad is an unbeatable opportunity to lead Internet users to your products. With a couple of clicks, the audience can end up on your sale page, which means that the purchase is very close to closing. For this reason, you need to be very precise with the link’s landing page.

Avoid taking the customer to your home page and ensure that the link directs the audience to the product you are advertising. This will simplify the process and put the sale on a platter. Otherwise, you are wasting great potential.


In short, like all digital marketing recruitment channels, Google Ads offers great possibilities that, well used, can help your business to attract customers and sales with adequate profitability. This requires, however, technical knowledge that can be achieved, either through learning (Google offers much information to create and optimize advertising campaigns) or outsourcing management to specialized agencies.


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