The Mistakes That Your Community Manager Should Not Make


There is a maxim: who is not on social networks does not exist. The social media or community manager figure has become essential in most companies due to the success of social networks. And this is in charge of ensuring that the image of the office is perfect in these new communication channels, but how do you know that you need to change your profession? What aspects should push you to make this decision?

Not everyone can be a community manager. Starting from there, it is something that, as a firm, you must take into account. The profile of this professional must be someone with studies in subjects such as marketing, advertising, or journalism and with a specialization in digital marketing.

Generally, firms that do not want to outsource to digital marketing agencies or freelance professionals tend to erroneously transfer these skills to someone in administration, a salesperson, or an offline marketing person who is not trained or has enough experience in marketing. On-line. Today, having a professional community manager is more than essential, but how do you know that he is doing his job well?

Spelling mistakes. Although it may seem obvious, a community manager as an image of your brand cannot make any mistake, nor at the time of writing, use punctuation marks . this should immediately make you suspicious.

Don’t be proactive. A community is, by nature, a person with ideas to generate content. It cannot be aware that the company provides information at all times . although communication is essential.

Do not answer users or do it wrong. Social networks are to communicate with potential clients. The community manager should not answer the messages both in public and private and answer badly, and there is no doubt.

Not being attentive to the news of the leading social networks. Social networks regularly incorporate novelties and new functions, as a professional must be attentive, know how to use them, and therefore take advantage of them for the benefit of your brand.

Low-quality images. The image of your company is at stake. See what type of images your community manager uploads, if they are not in line with your company, or if they are of good quality.

Too sporadic periodicity in publications. We cannot have a social network updated only once a week and pay a community manager, what less than one publication a day!

Boring posts. It is not about uploading a photo or a link, and that’s it. They should be exciting and entertaining publications both at the content level and when communicating through symbols, icons …

Not following orders. The community manager must abide by the company’s orders, not act on their own. Upload images, share content, or any other action required by the company.

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