The organic reach of TikTok is unparalleled in comparison with other social networking platforms. Add to that the fact that most brands on this platform don’t even have a profile, and what you’re looking at is a huge opportunity to expand the reach of your business and increase your social media audience.

The promotion of business on TikTok is still somewhere in the beginning. Paid support for posts or in-feed Ads is not available, but that does not mean that you cannot communicate effectively as a brand. We will tell you why you should include communication on this platform in your marketing and what content you score with followers.

TikTok Me Business Platform?

There is a misconception that only children use this platform. Although most of them are young people aged 13-17, you will also find Gen Z (<22 years) in almost the exact representation. more than 1.8 million users spend an average of about 80 minutes every day on TikTok. It is the fastest growing platform (1 billion active users in nearly three years of active application downloads) and ranked first among the world’s most downloaded applications last year.

People go to this social network mainly because of the fun content that comes to them through a few seconds of video, which means that each user can consume a lot of content in a short time. Therefore, there is vast potential and opportunities to build brand knowledge before your future customer “grows.”

Suppose you consider whether using Tik Tok is relevant to your company. In that case, you need to realize that keeping up with the times and being able to incorporate business into the latest trends is always a good way forward. Of course, it is essential to consider how you want your brand to be perceived among people and whether trendy communication is suitable for it. You can always use your primary Facebook or Instagram channels as a brand, and TikTok can serve as a stylish addition to reviving communication.

Why Should You See TikTok As a Lucrative Marketing Channel? There Are Several Reasons.

Lots of Users

We have already discussed that TikTok has more than 1 billion active users. As many as 50% of the global audience is under the age of 34, and this is a massive opportunity for brands that target their communication mainly to young people. As skeptical as we can be, it has long been the case that every young person must have Facebook, and Instagram is also gradually becoming their parents’ network. TikTok is a natural choice for the young generation, as they are much closer to the video format, in which it is not necessary to read lengthy statuses.

In addition, communication with the younger generations seems to be more complex. They are more resistant to advertising, and the classic formats are boring for them, so more creative ways must be sought. Remember that this age group is also constantly aging, so “whoever you address today can become your customer tomorrow.”

Positive Perception of Ads

TikTok encourages creativity and brand thinking because you never know which of your videos might become viral. This shift is something that users perceive positively, and thus they also consider advertising on TikTok to be more authentic, fun, and trustworthy than on other channels. And the best? Every 4th Tik Tok user claims to have searched for or purchased a “sponsored” product after watching the video.

High Engagement

The algorithm on TikTok is cleverly adapted to show you the kind of videos you have searched for or liked, which logically means that it tries to keep you on the platform for as long as possible. It is mainly proud of its authenticity, and that entertainment is what you will find in it and why people return there regularly. As many as 35% of application users have confirmed watching less TV or other video content since they started using TikTok.

At TikTok, you can get one of the highest levels of involvement among current social networks. After watching the video, the engagement rate (like, comment, sharing, or profile tracking) was confirmed by up to 92% of users. The sharing of mainly viral videos is much higher compared on Instagram. However, the truth is also that this is primarily because if you do not react to a video that you like, it is highly probable that you cannot find it back, so you prefer to “insure” it and save it in the video library.

Low Competition

Many brands do not see an advantage in creating content on TikTok, which represents an opportunity to be among the first and gather followers even before everyone appears there in a few months or years. However, be prepared that collecting followers is a long way to go, and you can’t immediately expect each of your videos to become viral. The video’s success is linked to elements such as the use of popular sounds, hashtags, or movies or engaging in various challenges. In Slovakia, where few brands communicate on TikTok, you have a much better chance of showing up without any support. Why not gain an edge over the competition or incorporate new trends into communication and not overtake even larger established brands in your area?


TikTok still functions mainly as a tool for organic content distribution. So you don’t have to count on the cost of paid support yet. The platform is adapted to work on mobile phones, so the only investment is hardware and your time. As a platform, TikTok offers its creators everything from music, AR filters, and tools for editing and editing videos for free. For more sophisticated strategies, of course, expect a price for working with influencers.

Now that we have explained all the benefits that marketing at TikTok offers you let’s look at what content you can engage with the platform.

What Kind of Content Works Best on TikTok?

Many brands work on the misconception that TikTok is an application that offers users only a few seconds of nonsensical dances. It creates its language through which thousands of communities communicate. Users are interested in the content, from entertainment and activism to telling emotional stories to various instructions.

Thanks to it, users pointed out their recent purchases, which they made thanks to TikTok. As many as 67% of users say that TikTok introduced them to products they had never considered buying before, showing the platform’s impact on users’ shopping behavior. One contribution may be enough for a product to become viral. An engaging video, hilarious review, or authentic recommendation from any user or creator can lead to new trends, sold-out products, and brand success overnight. ” At TikTok, users are satisfied, and happy people are shopping more.

At TikTok, you need to realize that there is no perfect guide to creating viral and successful content. So don’t be disappointed if the first videos don’t become viral overnight. It’s essential to try different types of content and find ones that resonate with your target audience and are perceived positively by customers. Remember to be creative and less severe, follow trends, and incorporate them into the promotion of your products or services. In the beginning, it is best to publish videos five times a day, and this frequency may decrease after “running.” This strong start helps start the account so that the algorithm notices it and starts offering it on the “for you page.” Although five videos a day may seem like a tremendous amount at first, they will help you fill in the content and select the tips that users want you to watch.


A handy way to integrate your brand into the TikTok community is to engage in challenges – dance, costume, music, or you can come up with the challenge yourself! Challenges are a great form of advertising because they quickly increase their reach by involving many people. In addition, such advertising created directly by customers is perceived by others as more authentic and entertaining. In modern times, the challenges with hashtags are trending, and in 2022 their popularity will continue to grow, giving brands an excellent opportunity to connect with their customers!

Influencer marketing

Surely you have already noticed the success of influencer marketing on other social platforms, and TikTok is no exception. Working with influencers is a good strategy for promoting your brand without you having to spend a lot of time and time creating internal content. Remember that a successful TikTok ad is non-violent and naturally embedded in the rest of the content of the selected influencer. Therefore, you must leave influencers creative freedom in setting guidelines and expecting cooperation.

Tutorial videos, tutorials, and hacks

One of the proven ways to harness the power of content distribution on TikToku while directly demonstrating your products and their use in videos is just instructional videos, tutorials, and hacks! This type of video is prevalent with followers.

And the best? Often, content ideas are generated directly by platform users. Therefore, it is ideal to create videos according to the questions—comments from your followers. You can quickly get up-to-date content that interests viewers and motivates others to comment further. Followers, in turn, will receive a more personal response than from customer service, as well as the feeling that your brand depends on customer opinions and questions. Win-win situation, though?

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