Top 4 Reasons for Screening Your Employees

Screening Your Employees

There are many benefits of performing pre-employment screenings on your employees. Not only do they protect you from legal action, but they also help you hire the right employee for the job. These tests also help you avoid Negligent Hiring Liability, a type of liability that can put your company at risk for litigation.

Pre-Employment Checks Protect You From Lawsuits.

Pre-employment checks help protect you from lawsuits if you hire an unreliable employee or a potential employee with a criminal record. These¬†criminal record checks¬†check a person’s background, including sex offender lists, to prevent you from hiring someone who might harm your reputation or staff. During a pre-employment screening, a company will check whether applicants have the right licenses needed for the job, including attorneys, medical personnel, accountants, and real estate agents. The results will indicate whether the license is current and valid and if there has been any disciplinary action. Likewise, it will show if an applicant has filed for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy information is readily available, and employers aren’t allowed to use it against a prospective employee.

They Ensure You Are Hiring The Right Person.

The first step in hiring the right person is to ensure the candidate is a good fit for the position. While the most effective way to check this is to conduct reference checks, there are other methods you can use to ensure the right person fits the job. You can also ask the candidate about their emotional intelligence, which is essential to a successful job interview. It is important to consider all factors when screening your candidates. There are a few reasons to do this. One of the biggest reasons is that you will be less likely to face discrimination and unfair hiring if you hire someone based on their resume alone. In addition, it can be unfair and discriminatory to hire someone based solely on their resume, which is often considered an unfair practice. Therefore, you should combine all factors to get a complete picture of the candidate.

They Identify Employees With Problems.

Screening your employees will help you find out if any of your employees have medical issues. However, it can be challenging logistically to arrange for large numbers of employees to undergo screening. To overcome the problem, employers can stagger shift start times, provide multiple screening stations, and ensure that employees have time to complete the screening.

They Help You Avoid Negligent Hiring Liability.

Employers who don’t conduct background checks on applicants or new hires are putting themselves and their employees at risk. This type of negligent hiring can lead to harassment, assault, rape, and more. Even the best employees can leave a company where they feel unsafe. Fortunately, you can reduce the likelihood of a negligent hiring lawsuit by following simple hiring practices. Documenting your screening process is also helpful in defending against negligent hiring claims. Regardless of industry, negligent hiring liability can come in many forms. These lawsuits typically arise when an employer fails to screen a potential employee or enforce a drug screening policy. Sometimes, an employer may have known of an employee’s criminal history but failed to take appropriate action. Negligent hiring can be very costly to a business. Not only can a negligent hiring claim damage a company’s reputation, but it can also result in a costly legal claim. It’s essential to avoid such costly lawsuits by screening your employees before hiring them.

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