Top Reasons Of Website Downtime

website downtime

Website downtime is a nightmare forever for the online business owner. A down website means losing out on customers and loss of revenue. This can be a major blow for small and new businesses. This is why website owners try everything in their power to avoid website downtime.

Now the question is what causes website downtime? Well, various reasons can lead to this problem. We will be discussing that in detail in the article below.

To avoid website downtime, you should choose a quality web hosting provider. A reputable hosting solution will provide you maximum uptime. Besides that, you should also check website status on Sitechecker. It is one of the most useful tools for website owners.

Causes Of Website Downtime

There are many causes of website downtime. But some of the most common ones include:

Hardware failures

More than 50% of all website downtimes are caused due to hardware failures. Even if you have multiple network controllers and power supplies, you still don’t know when a major power crisis will hit. No matter, how prepared or protected you think you are, there is always a risk of failure. At some point or the other, your site may go offline. The only thing you can do is reduce the chances of downtime.

DNS problems

Another very popular cause of website downtime is DNS issues. Sometimes, the DNS is figured incorrectly, and other times, it is waiting for propagation. Even a small spelling mistake can cause your site to go down. Whenever there is a DNS issue, you need to figure out the root cause of the problem and fix it. But sometimes the issues are more complicated.

Bad web hosting service

As mentioned before, you should choose a hosting service that will provide you maximum uptime. You can go for low-cost or free web hosting services. But you will not get guaranteed uptime. Even if you are saving a lot of money, choosing a cheap hosting service is not good for your site. To maintain your site properly, you need a quality hosting service.

Hackers attack

The online world is a risky place. It is filled with hackers and malicious viruses that are waiting to attack your site. As soon as they detect your site’s weakness, hackers will try to exploit it by hacking your site. They may try different ways to bring your website down. This is why you should have strong security measures to keep your site protected. If your site has any vulnerabilities, fix them as soon as possible to protect it from cyber-attacks.

To check the status of your site, you can use is it down checker. This will let you know if your site is down or working properly.

To run your online business successfully, you need to make all the efforts to prevent website downtime. From choosing the right hosting solution to protecting your site, you have to do it all to make it work.

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