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More and more people want to navigate the Internet as anonymously as possible. A VPN makes this possible. But what technology is actually behind it and how does the invisibility cloak work for the network?

VPN connection? What is that?

VPN is the abbreviation for ” Virtual Private Network “. There are various providers who provide you with a large number of servers all over the world, through which your calls to the respective landing pages run. Basically, every user and every device is identified online via a unique IP address. If you call up a website, the server behind this page needs your IP in order to answer your request and to be able to make the respective website available to you. Together with this and other data, you can create a profile of you and draw conclusions about your interests, your preferred whereabouts, or your profession.
If you use a VPN client, your tracks will be covered: When you dial into the virtual private network, only the IP address of the network provider is passed on to the server on the target site. The target side answers the request from the VPN server and returns the data to it. When the information is passed on from the server to your device, the data is then encrypted so that your identity is still protected from prying eyes. The VPN client acts as an intermediary between your device and the target site. By the way: A VPN tunnel is often used when surfing via VPNspoken. This means the classic VPN connection. In a sense, the client creates a secure tunnel through which you can surf almost anonymously. Even your own Internet provider does not know what information the VPN client is passing on to you. Write For Us VPN

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