What Does TB Mean On Instagram And Other Texting?

What Does TB Mean on Instagram

What Does TB Mean On Instagram – This is the question that so many people who are moderate to social media and texting will ask. TB is the common acronym that is used while texting in social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and other sources.

TB has several meanings, we have to analyze and understand the meaning on which basis the acronym is used in texting. Many people while using Instagram or other texting platforms  will use acronyms like TB as a part of their typing, but many people who are new to this field will not be able to understand these acronyms.

Today here in our article let us discuss about What Does TB Mean on Instagram and other texting platforms. We will explain it clearly so that every reader can understand the meaning.

What Does TB Mean on Instagram?

TB does not only mean for one thing this acronym has many meanings. Below are they

TB – Text Back

Text back is the major meaning for TB acronym. Many people will use TB to generate text back meaning in texting. About 80% of TB acronym means Text back by texting people across social media platforms. So for the people who want to know What Does TB Mean on Instagram, they can take this as a major answer.

TB – Throwback Thursday

TB hashtag also refers to Throw back thursday, it can also be written as TBT. if someone took pictures on thursday and share them on the instagram on saturday or sunday they will use this type of hashtag called #tb thursday or #TBT or #throwbackthursday to make the people clear that the photo or video is taken on thursday.

TB – To Be Continued

Tb hashtag is also used when some want to tell a phrase called To Be Continued. They uses as #TBcontinued #tobecontinued. This is used when someone wants to tell that the topic or content is not over yet it is to be continued in the coming period of time.

TB – Tagged By

#TB is used as an acronym to describe the term tagged by. When someone uploading the photo or a video in the instagram they can be used the hashtag #taggedby

More Meanings For TB on Instagram

Not only the above mentioned meanings Tb also redirects to various other phrases and meanings. 

Timehop Bestie, To be honest  – for these terms also the people while texting they will use the acronym TB. there are many other acronyms on instagram like TB, below we mentioned them

  • TM – Too much, tomorrow
  • YOLO – “You Only Live Once.”
  • TTYL – Talk to you later
  • OOTD – “Outfit of the Day.”
  • LOL – Laughing out loud
  • SFS – “Shoutout for Shoutout.”
  • WTW – What’s the word

Final Say

By the above explanation now you will know What Does TB Mean on Instagram and other texting platforms. We cannot say directly that TB means this or that by seeing the circumstances we can confirm the full form of TB and for what it is mentioned by the user. We need to know about these acronyms if we are regular users of social media and if you are more into texting then you need to compulsory know all these meanings of different acronyms.

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