What Is Lean Marketing, And How To Apply It To Your Company?

Lean Marketing

One of the meanings of lean is austere, so are we going to talk about austere marketing? in a way, yes. We tell you what lean marketing is since it is the one that best takes advantage of all marketing resources and actions in the most efficient way possible to exploit a product or service at the lowest cost.

What Is Lean Marketing, And How Does It Work?

It is a type of marketing that consists of making the most of resources, which has been applied for a few years, largely thanks to the rise of digital media that allows a high-speed analysis and response capacity. And how do you get the most out of resources? Carrying out shorter actions, not plans developed over time to execute in the medium term. It is the opposite, working in a planned way but at the moment.

It is essential to be clear about the company’s values, define an objective and act quickly, and the ultimate goal is to make an impact at the lowest possible cost and in a fast and innovative way.

How Does This Type Of Marketing Work?

Now that we know what Lean Marketing is and that it is a way of working based on the Lean Startup method, we must know that it works cyclically following these steps:

Identify the problem

It is a fundamental part of Lean Marketing. We must have identified the main problem of our potential client.

Build the minimum viable product

We must reach a simple solution to corroborate the problem that was defined. It must be a shallow cost solution, an initial experiment.

Measure the results of the experiment

Measuring and analyzing the results is an essential part of any experiment. We must do it to know if it responds to the client’s needs. At this point, it is essential to “listen” to evolve the solution in the right direction.

Observe the learnings of the experiment

We must observe and analyze what data comes out of the measurements and how we can optimize them. As a result of observing, we will act to improve the solution that we want to propose.

repeat successively

This would be the last point before starting the cycle again. We will repeat the steps until we find the definitive solution to the identified problem.

6 Tricks To Carry Out Lean Marketing

If we know what Lean Marketing is, we know that its way of working demands being more agile. This type of marketing consists of looking for a definitive result to reduce the costs of reaching the end of a plan. A good marketing plan can be very effective, but wastes a lot of resources and time.

We tell you half a dozen tricks to carry out lean marketing efficiently.

Effectively segment your audience.

The better defined you have your target, the more you can refine the message and the specific action. In any marketing strategy, defining your target audience is a crucial part.

Listen to your customers, and don’t be afraid to ask.

They are the ones who know what they want, and their opinions can help you know how to improve. They will help you know what you already do well, where you fail and what they lack. Listen to them and read all comments and opinions you find about your brand to conclude.

Bet on less quantity and more quality

Do not be obsessed with being present in all places. With this, you will only dissipate forces. Please choose the most appropriate for your audience and give them quality content.

Make content pills to test what topic interests you.

Doing small trial-error practices is the best definition of Lean Marketing. Take advantage of these rehearsals and extend yourself with the most popular content. If you’re thinking of writing an ebook, webinar, or infographic, try shorter blog posts or social media posts first. If the topic interests you, invest your time in quality content and make the extended version.

Adapt to circumstances or events

Even if you follow a plan, something important can always happen that makes it more appropriate to change the subject and adapt it, forgetting the inflexibility. 

Use agile advertising platforms.

Using platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads allows you to measure quickly and change in the same way in case something does not work or something bigger happens.

There are some more tricks to get the most out of marketing tools and quick results at a relatively low cost. If you are interested in knowing more, you have to leave a comment, and we will expand on the subject. 

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