What Is Marketing Automation?

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It is impossible to make a company known or promote its products and services without going through qualified marketers who master new digital methods. By trying to find advanced techniques to avoid specific repetitive but necessary tasks, these professionals now have recourse to a sector in its own right: marketing automation.


Automation is an English word meaning “automation.” This is a fundamental axis of the B2B strategy; Marketing automation consists of making specific marketing actions automatic. It is then a set of software, techniques, and means preventing the marketer from carrying out particular tasks. Automation tools save a lot of time.

SMEs and VSEs have everything to gain by automating specific actions such as sending emails and important messages to build a solid customer relationship. Marketers use this technique to:

  • Promote a professional event
  • Launch new products and services
  • Launch an email campaign
  • Identify qualified leads
  • Optimise an inbound marketing campaign

Four Steps To Establish a Marketing Automation Strategy

Step 1: Begin by auditing your business. Identify the most frequent tasks and measure their profitability. In this way, you will be able to detect those that take you a lot of time and money without tangible results. Before implementing your marketing automation strategy, you will need to train your employees to use the marketing methods for which you have opted. If the general working conditions within your company are not conducive to the development of automated processes, your strategy will quickly come up against its limits.

Step 2: To successfully prospect and convert your prospects into customers, you must establish a sufficiently clear strategy. More concretely, create a specification grouping the mechanisms you will use, such as an integrated CRM, for example. You will then be able to design a guideline for everyone to follow.

Step 3: With the incredible plethora of software and tools, you need to choose wisely. Even though most of them combine several tasks simultaneously, find out about the different models available to know which one to choose. Then implement all the points listed in your specifications in your marketing strategy.

Step 4: The machine is functional! All you have to do is follow the results. It is important to remember that good training offered to your employees is the key to the success of your inbound marketing strategy. Skills development is an essential point of human resources management. You will need to follow the people working on the marketing of your company step by step to find out their degree of mastery of the means of automation, to be able to detect their flaws and rectify the situation!

Necessary Tools To Take Action


Mailchimp allows you to send transaction and promotion emails to prospects. Even if many software can perform the same tasks, this one is prevalent for its features and ease of use, thus earning it nearly 47% of the international marketing automation market share. By opting for Mailchimp, you will create and practice your emailing campaign, design your advertising banners and cleverly place them, personalise your landing pages and conduct your advertising campaigns on social networks.

The Importance of CRM Software

Saas solution the CRM helps salespeople to manage their prospects and customers easily. Thanks to the use of a CRM, they can quickly consult the information about their customers and the customers of other salespeople. This tool improves communication between salespeople. Some CRMs can also be synchronised with your marketing automation to avoid systematic integration of these leads, either manually or using an Excel table. Thanks to this synchronisation, you will be able to track the behaviour of your contacts and identify them as positive or negative depending on their profitability for your business. Salespeople will thus be able to obtain helpful information to conduct their sales by adapting their arguments to finely pre-established profiles. You can combine marketing and commercialization and direct these two actions simultaneously. The data present on the CRM will be used to send emails to your contacts as part of your inbound marketing campaign. At the same time, the salesperson will process the chosen leads to make a sale.

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