Which AAT Course Should You Study? AAT Qualifications Explained


The association of accounting technicians is the professional body for entry-level accountants that can help aspiring students develop real-life skills for building a career in finance and accounting. Studying the AAT course online can be a stepping stone on your way to achieving a successful and lucrative career.

AAT qualifications are recognised globally. The courses are highly in demand because of their ability to teach practical skills and knowledge required to pursue a successful career in finance and accountancy. They have approximately 150,000 members from around 100 countries comprising individuals from every level of the finance world, from students to senior-most accounting professionals.

The AAT offers an array of accounting courses to chose from your area of interest and necessity. Institutes in Singapore provide online courses. The study packages are built to ensure maximum learning from the expert faculties by helping the learners develop a set of practical skills needed to make a career in finance.

This course’s benefit is that it starts from the basic level of learning in the accounting fields and goes all the way up to develop expertise in the candidates to perform at the senior accountants level.

Here is a brief overview of the course that can help you fast-track your career as a chartered accountant:

Certificate in Accounting(Level 1): The objective of this course is to provide a solid foundation for students to develop an understanding of the concepts like double-entry bookkeeping, costing principles, and the practical use of accounting software. It also focuses on developing communication skills and knowledge of the business environment.

This course can enable you to work for entry-level roles like Accounting Assistant, Accounts payable clerks, Accounts Administrators, etc. The candidate must be 19 years of age; other than that, this level does not require any formal entry. A candidate has to appear for five examinations at an approved AAT center.

Diploma in Accounting(Level 2): This is an advanced level course that can equip you with accounting disciplines, including financial processes, advanced bookkeeping, final accounts, and ethical practices for the accountants in the industry. An aspirant has to appear for five computer-based examinations conducted in the AAT exam center.

The course can be suitable for the professionals working in the accounts department seeking promotions. With an advanced diploma in accounting, a candidate can apply for job positions like Assistant Accountants and Payroll Supervisors.

Professional Diploma in Accounting(Level 3): As the name suggests, a professional diploma will require higher and complex accounting practices. This course includes advanced accounting tasks like budget management, drafting a financial statement, and evaluating the company’s financial performance. The study also targets establishing an understanding of personal tax, business tax, credit management, external auditing, etc.

After qualifying the examination, you can work in senior accounting roles as Senior Fund Officer and Senior Finance Officer. However, a candidate is to appear for a six-paper examination conducted in person at an AAT-approved centre.

The AAT course provides professional training with a well-designed course curriculum to maximise the knowledge and skills to work in various levels of the finance departments. This course can help you expand your professional skill to help you land a dream job. Sign in now to know more about a fast-track AAT course!

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